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Definition of Levy

To impose (a tax or fine) to collect monies due, or to confiscate property. | To raise or collect by assessment; to exact by authority. | To draft someone into military service.

How To Use Levy In A Sentence?

  • The thought that he might not be able to levy a loan from her after all moved him to venom.
  • The announcement of this levy made Lubeck for the moment more importunate than before.
  • He had even demurred to the escort of four Levy sowars, which was pressed upon him.
  • And he protests that if the Assembly intends a levy for new forces, his men will refuse to pay it.
  • He had been sent by Hassan Pasha to levy contributions on the Prince and the people.
  • In fact, during the Restoration period, it often exceeded the public levy voted by the Assembly.
  • It was plain now that Dock was to levy his contribution on Mr. Watson before he came on board.
  • During the summer, Charles remained at La Riviere exerting every effort to levy an army.
  • Many of the people were utterly devoid of means, and the new levy seemed like wringing water from a stone.
  • Possessing no authority to levy taxes, he was often forced to close the mouths of his clamoring soldiers by allowing them to plunder.
  • He, meanwhile, was continuing his own preparations by strenuous endeavours to levy more troops and to obtain fresh supplies.
  • Secondly he desired the States to endorse a levy of fresh troops to meet his immediate requirements.
  • To levy blackmail on the community, under threats of civil war, seems to him a more expeditious way of gaining his object.
  • Each county was required to build one of these houses, a levy of thirty pounds of tobacco per poll being laid for that purpose.
  • This country thereupon proceeded to levy an increased duty on the exportation of nitrates from the Atacama region.
  • I suppose that he had managed to find this steed somewhere on the way, meeting with mounted men hurrying to the levy like himself most likely.
  • The levy by the poll, here used, was continued for many years, and became the chief support of the government.
  • When he has his victim upon his back, he seizes the opportunity to levy blackmail, for the pool is a quicksand and he suddenly affects great fear.
  • The war had compelled the government of the Union to levy large loans of money and thus to contract a huge public debt.
  • Therefore he threw aside all other interests for the time being, and exerted himself to levy a body of troops to crush Flemish pretensions.
  • Since the Congress refused to pass the appropriation bills, he declared that body dissolved and proceeded to levy the taxes by decree.
  • The great trusts, and the arts of the company-promoter, can hardly be said to perform any social service; they exist to levy tribute on the public.
  • The Levy sowars alone showed fight, and pointed their rifles, but it was plain they would have welcomed any chance offered to surrender.
  • I must acknowledge that my outfit was very poor; but this was not altogether a disadvantage, for my men would have the less temptation to levy upon it.
  • Murder can be avenged by a murder so long as the trouble remains a family affair, but if the case goes to the ruler it is probable that he will levy a fine on the culprit.
  • They were aware of the popular notion concerning them, and not unfrequently took advantage of it to levy a sort of black mail upon their credulous neighbors.
  • In the absence of any authority to levy taxes, he had resorted to the practice of coining money, and had established mints in several places through the realm.
  • In 1662 the Assembly granted power to the Governor and Council for three years to levy a small tax by the poll.
  • Von Kluck's Quartermaster-General seized the opportunity of making a private levy of 5,000f.
  • And what is the number of the shareholders and middlemen who levy the first fruits of labour from far and near, and heap up unearned gains by thrusting themselves between the producer and the consumer?
  • The chronicles of our foreign relations contain nothing which, for sheer impudence and insult, even approaches this attempt to levy blackmail on the nation.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Levy | Levy Sentence

  • The general levy of the nation was proclaimed.
  • The county levy was usually very heavy.
  • No man has squatted there to levy tax or toll.
  • I suppose it is an attempt to levy black-mail.
  • The inference must be that the latter levy covers a term of years.
  • This done, the diet voted to levy a tax to defray the expenses of the war.
  • The Assembly claimed the exclusive right to levy general taxes.
  • After all the fuss, I did not levy heavily upon the "Alta" letters.

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