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  • He was prospectively liberated by a will.
  • From this control the Reformation liberated them.
  • This occurs when the fat burns and the energy is liberated as heat.
  • It was a tense, anxious quarter of an hour for the liberated pair.
  • Will equal amounts of heat be liberated in the combustion of 1 g. of each?
  • The liberated cat fled with all speed, and Guard walked off in disgust.
  • But in the end John was liberated and the line of Blois was finally crushed.
  • It was so, also, because it liberated Him from His depression.
  • I after being liberated from my shackles-- IO.

How To Use Liberated In A Sentence?

  • With the help of his liberated brother he once more concerted a plan of escape.
  • The hydrogen first liberated mixes with the air contained in the generator.
  • In eighty-four of the liberated cantons the work of reconstruction has already commenced.
  • An enormous quantity of heat is liberated in this reaction, and a temperature as high as 3500 deg.
  • They found that the pirates had liberated the crew and passengers, and returned them to their vessel, retaining only the rich cargo.
  • He was liberated from prison under Cromwell, but lived a wretched life thereafter.
  • Do not thank us,' said the peasants to the liberated priests; 'it is for you that we fight.
  • Neither had she liberated Mabyn from the island, for Garth could see him moving about.
  • The cab, which had been caught in the traffic, was now liberated and sped on down Sloane Street.
  • The two prisoners were liberated from their state rooms after having been kept shut up about two hours.
  • In a steam engine the fundamental process by which the latent energy of the fuel is liberated is that of oxidation.
  • When the water containing the bromine is heated, the liberated bromine distills over into the receiver.
  • Thus a sum totalling more than one hundred and forty millions francs has been expended for the reconstruction of the liberated regions.
  • We are liberated from the maps we have been using to navigate our world and free to create new ones based on our own observations.
  • The numbness and exhaustion of other faculties had liberated his powers of observation, and at that moment they were abnormally acute.
  • So we carried him, burnoose and all, into the house where the lady chims were, and liberated him in the doorway.
  • A native of a country which has been twice liberated from horrid and detestable thraldom by the hands of Englishmen.
  • Over the grave of one of these liberated captives is a tombstone erected at the expense of, and engraved by, his fellow prisoners.
  • Miriam was wise and good, she loved her mistress fervently, and was trusted and treated as a companion, not as a liberated slave.
  • Juliet saw nothing to oppose to this statement, and thanking him that, at least, it liberated her, was again hastening away.
  • For the excitement produced by a given pencil of X rays, the number of ions liberated will be fixed.
  • The night before I left, some of his friends liberated him from the village jail, and brought him to me.
  • These liberated ghosts joined the army of Napoleon's outraged warriors, and turned upon me.
  • The metal dissolves in the acid, while the hydrogen which is liberated escapes through the exit tube C and is collected over water.
  • Christian prisoners of every nation were liberated in all the Regencies, and the slave-system, as applied to white men, finally abolished.
  • The initiative which would never have developed under his father had been liberated during his war service and was now mounting to a still higher pitch among the mountains.
  • It does not prove the absence of other elements; indeed it does not prove that the hydrogen and oxygen are present in the proportion in which they are liberated by the electric current.
  • The Imperialists landed in force, surprised the fort, and liberated seven hundred Christian slaves.
  • A malefactor condemned to death, and about to undergo his execution, was reprieved and liberated through his marriage to a woman clad only in a shift.
  • The amount of heat liberated by the oxidation of a definite weight of any given substance is always the same, being entirely independent of the rapidity of the process.
  • If a single drop of oil be introduced into the water by means of a pipette and be liberated at the bottom of the beaker the water will close in under it, and lift it up to the surface.

Definition of Liberated

Freed, especially from traditional ideas in social and sexual matters. | simple past tense and past participle of liberate
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