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  • I refer to their not liberating their slaves.
  • After all, romanticism was a great liberating force.
  • This was certainly an important step in the liberating of art from convention.
  • We cannot always live with those liberating airs blowing upon our foreheads.
  • In the presence of the liberating army, the people everywhere rose in revolt.
  • The liberating accident, especially that of fatigue, occurs fairly often.

How To Use Liberating In A Sentence?

  • It was only after the bitterest struggle, that he determined on liberating his betrothed.
  • And who could say which thunders and lightnings might be the heralds of that liberating storm?
  • Note also the complete boring of the liberating passage, including the bark when there is any.
  • They decompose water at ordinary temperatures, forming hydroxides and liberating hydrogen.
  • The sulphuric acid attacks the zinc and forms zinc sulphate, liberating hydrogen.
  • We were, in fact, liberating the traditional distressed damsel from the clutches of the ogre.
  • Always, at every period, the few were the banner bearers of a great idea, of liberating effort.
  • I found that it meant the westward sweep of the liberating army under Gomez and Maceo.
  • I find in such cases autosuggestion more liberating than heterosuggestion if the development has not gone too far.
  • In this he was disappointed, but he succeeded in taking the jail and liberating a number of prisoners.
  • The clause liberating the prima donna from attending rehearsals will be condemned by all lovers of music.
  • His gestures and the written formulæ which appeared beside him on the walls, each had their protective or liberating power.
  • Nitric acid has no action on it, but hydrochloric and dilute sulphuric acids dissolve it, liberating hydrogen.
  • The mixture is ignited, and the aluminium unites with the oxygen of the metallic oxide, liberating the metal.
  • They tighten the muscles of the throat and mouth, instead of liberating these muscles and allowing the voice to flow naturally and harmoniously.
  • In dilute solution sulphuric acid acts upon many metals, such as zinc, forming a sulphate and liberating hydrogen.
  • The literalism of the historian is, of course, to us true and immediately helpful in liberating us from bondage to the letter of an ancient book.
  • In this last step of liberating light from convention, Renoir approached nearer to nature than any antecedent painter.
  • Nurture supplies the liberating stimulus to the inheritance, and growth is limited, in exact measurement by the Nurture stimuli available.
  • The farmer lifted one end of the canvas, and gave it a vigorous jerk, thus liberating the dog, who began to prance about his master.
  • His purpose was by the presence of the liberating army to give the people of Peru a chance to rise and throw off the yoke of Spain.
  • The horrible smoke would assuredly suffocate him ere he could, even by exerting the most Herculean strength, succeed in liberating himself.
  • Besides liberating day and night from their confinement (during his childhood), "Tooloogigra" has been credited with one miracle.
  • Both races should rejoice in gratitude, for the institution of liberty and equality here became the cause of liberating your fellow-beings elsewhere.
  • Encouraged by his first victory he used his nails to such purpose that he succeeded in liberating himself from his assailants, and jumping the hedge by the roadside he began to fly across the country.
  • It is sometimes possible for an element in the free state to act upon a compound in such a way that it takes the place of one of the elements of the compound, liberating it in turn.
  • The administration of this has so liberating an effect on Good-Deeds that she is able to rise and join Everyman and Knowledge.
  • Many others of his countrymen were earnestly setting their faces against this abuse of serfdom and, even before the measure was passed by law, as far as possible liberating the serfs on their estates.
  • Ye both have my heartiest wishes of the happiness that ye have won through many dark days of misery, and by your gallant acts in the liberating of England from a rule of tyranny.

Definition of Liberating

That serves to liberate, especially to free the mind to accept new ideas. | present participle of liberate | Action of the verb to liberate.
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