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  • Personal liberty is gone.
  • Tomorrow you are at liberty to find them if you can.
  • This definition of liberty is right.
  • He has an absolute liberty of choice.
  • You are at liberty to take them and ride away.
  • For too much liberty corrupts us all.
  • There's no liberty worth a rap for him.
  • But this is no longer the case when we come to apply liberty to the will.
  • It leaves not a fragment nor a shadow of moral liberty on earth.
  • Leibnitz repudiates the notion of liberty given by Hobbes and Locke.
  • Is this, Is this the liberty they boast of here, Common to all?

How To Use Liberty In A Sentence?

  • The lark soaring upwards sang the same song of liberty and hope all through the unending day.
  • The manner in which Leibnitz endeavours to reconcile liberty and necessity.
  • I could wander about from place to place, and have plenty of fresh air, and my liberty too.
  • In the name of Liberty some of the most precious art-work of modern days has been fired.
  • She has fair hair and a serene fair face somewhat like the Liberty face on our silver dollar.
  • I hope, sir, that you will forgive the liberty I take in thus intruding on you.
  • They think every Government tyrannical, which does not allow intire Liberty of Conscience.
  • Though securely fastened, the limbs of the victim are left some liberty to shrink from the accursed heat.
  • According to this scheme, as well as to the former, the very idea of moral liberty is inconceivable and impossible.
  • There is little greed of gain in the night enterprise, and liberty by flight is the first thing resorted to.
  • Accordingly this is the view of liberty which he repeatedly holds up as all-sufficient to secure the great moral interest of the human race.
  • The only liberty we possess, according to all the authors referred to, is a freedom of the body and not of the mind.
  • This is the liberty which water, impelled by the power of gravity, possesses in descending the channel of a river.
  • It were all arranged with our John as we should be at liberty to come to his cottage here till the place were ready for me at the colliery.
  • In whatever manner the state of mind which gave rise to volition has been produced, the liberty of the agent is neither greater nor less.
  • Thus, he seems to represent the doctrine of liberty as a mere dream and delusion of the mind, and the iron scheme of necessity as a stern reality.
  • Nature seems almost to have been offended by the liberty I took, and by my audacity, and to have punished me in consequence.
  • Mr. Hume has disposed of the question concerning liberty and necessity, by the application of his celebrated theory of cause and effect.
  • As the work is beautifully engraved, I have taken the liberty to add a published copy, and also a violin quintet.
  • If God has foreordained whatever comes to pass, the whole series of events is necessary, and human liberty is taken away.
  • The liberty for which he contends, is, after all his labours, precisely that advocated by Hobbes and Collins, and no other.
  • But if a Templar saw a Christian in imminent danger, he was at liberty to follow the dictates of his conscience, and hasten to his relief.
  • Here we have the two necessary traits in the character of a great people: the love and the habit of civil liberty and religious conviction and independence.
  • An envoy from the court was present, who proclaimed liberty and the royal favour for those who would even then retract their declarations and confess the guilt of the order.
  • If this definition of liberty be admitted, you will perceive that it is possible to reconcile the freedom of the will with absolute decrees; but we have not got rid of every difficulty.
  • Now, how does the historian so easily demonstrate that the doctrine of necessity, as held by the reformers, does not deny the liberty of a moral agent?
  • Hence, if we would place the doctrine of liberty upon solid grounds, it becomes necessary to modify the categories of M. Cousin.
  • Some resolve this belief and feeling of liberty into a deceitful sense; some imagine that we are deceived by the ambiguities of language; and some resort to other methods of explaining the phenomenon.
  • The views of Kant and Sir William Hamilton in relation to the antagonism between liberty and necessity.

Definition of Liberty

The condition of being free from control or restrictions. | The condition of being free from imprisonment, slavery or forced labour. | The condition of being free to act, believe or express oneself as one chooses.
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