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  • Ada had lied to him from the beginning.
  • Because he lied and was unfaithful.
  • He lied in his teeth!
  • Had he lied to his daughter?
  • Joan had lied to the old lady.
  • Then she had lied from first to last!
  • He lied as he went along.
  • You have lied to me right along.
  • That thug lied like blazes!
  • Pinkey seldom lied when the truth would answer.
  • Sure, he never yet lied to me.
  • These particular dogs have lied for nearly three years.
  • She lied constantly about anything and everything....
  • If you've lied to me you'll get short shrift.
  • She was thinking that now she knew Harry had lied to her.
  • Frau hatte man ein Lied gemacht.
  • You were drunk a minute ago when you lied your lie. . . .
  • Das Lied von Bernadette.
  • Er konnte dieses Lied immer und immer wieder hoeren.
  • He lied to the Great Mountain.
  • The Nibelungen Lied is described and its story told.
  • The Long Arrow has lied to the Big Buffalo.
  • Suzanne had lied so long and so variously that she did it with a natural ease.
  • Kallash lied, but lied with the most complete appearance of probability.
  • I've never lied so much in my life ...
  • But the sons of Onontio lied as their fathers had taught them.
  • He, too, was lied to, and he was sent away without seeing me again.
  • He was thinking of Miriam Burrell; he lied with skillful smoothness.
  • And, later, all Manorites declared that Lovell had lied like a gentleman.
  • The officer's widow lied to you when she said I flogged her.

How To Use Lied In A Sentence?

  • There was no use in lies; she had lied too much and too diversely to be believed.
  • He had lied because of the man whom he had, for the first time, claimed as his friend.
  • Some women of my kind would have lied or stolen, or they would have made mischief for people.
  • He had lied and lied, but nothing he could now say availed, for his face told the truth.
  • Heilige daarboven, als dat lied der bevrijding weer langs de velden klinken mag.
  • While it's perfectly true that Charles lied about it's running out, we must be getting on.
  • Na dit tweede lied vroeg men den ouden muzikant om een ander; hij liet zich een weinig smeeken.
  • A version of that part of the Nibelungen Lied which relates to the story of Siegfried.
  • Having been lied to consistently on all possible occasions, after a time you conclude that this is just one more lie.
  • That he had deliberately lied into the row and then, without raising his guard, had dared him to strike.

Definition of Lied

simple past tense and past participle of lie | (music) An art song, sung in German and accompanied on the piano.
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