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How To Use Liefer In A Sentence?

  • Alas, said the king, I had liefer than all the land that I have ye would wed her yourself.
  • I had liefer to have been torn with wild horses, than any varlet had won such loos, or any page or priker should have had prize on me.
  • There liveth not so worshipful a knight as he was; I had liefer than the stint of my land a year that he were alive.
  • Yet were it liefer to lie any wise with any for lover, Than to be breeder of boys uncle as cousins begat.
  • Yea, on that condicion I had liefer doo it an hundred times, if I knew precisely the promiser would kepe touch.
  • The dreaded moment had come, and he sought his wife's bower, feeling that he would much liefer meet William's men-at-arms.
  • Here we have ridden a good thirty miles, and talked a candle to the sconce, and I vow to thee, I had liefer satisfy my hunger than my ambition.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Liefer | Liefer Sentence

  • Yet had ye liefer than all your lands to have me again.
  • I had liefer thou hadst been Sir Tristram.
  • And each of them liefer had died than have done one another a wrong.

Definition of Liefer

comparative form of lief: more lief | comparative form of lief: more lief | Preferentially, rather
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