Liege In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Liege | Liege Sentence

  • So did you me, my liege.
  • Liege was lashed into a state of fury.
  • Ich liege ganz still.
  • We are men, my liege.
  • Tennis-balls, my liege.
  • Shall we call in the ambassador, my liege?
  • What news do you bring, my liege?
  • Liege was menaced, but still untaken.
  • He had heard again from Liege.
  • Wherefore, brayd on, my sovereign liege!
  • No doubt, my liege, if each man do his best.
  • Ich liege da und warte, was weiter geschieht.
  • He marched towards Liege.
  • Ulenspiegel returned towards Liege.
  • We live close by Liege.
  • The news is out that Liege has fallen at last.
  • Ich liege auf dem Hausdach.
  • Such was a typical night of the defence of Liege.
  • Therefore to France, my liege.
  • Here comes the herald of the French, my liege.
  • Is this he that chops Logick with my Liege?
  • In their faces stood Liege, five miles distant.
  • They would have been held at Liege and in the Ardennes.
  • The Duke of Brittany had submitted to his liege.
  • Bug liege hier hinaus und oben auf die Coralle zu werfen.
  • Under Captain Gower, my liege.
  • So liege ich da, bin gerade beim Einschlafen ...
  • Our friends in Liege have been warned, I suppose?
  • Written in Liege, November 8, 1468.
  • So I will, my liege, as I live.
  • You have slain The Emperor, your uncle, and liege lord.
  • Ob das Motorboot der Gesellschaft am Bahnhof liege.
  • The people of Liege are ordered to retire at 7 P.M.
  • I will, my liege.
  • Even so, my liege.
  • We shall, my liege.
  • Liege was absolutely helpless in the face of this coalition.
  • And glory to our Sovereign Liege, King Henry of Navarre!

How To Use Liege In A Sentence?

  • Thus did she disprove some of the unkind philosophy given to the world by her liege.
  • Vehemently did the duke repudiate the bare possibility of a new breach between him and his liege.

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