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  • It is believed that in some cases the life cycle lasts two years.
  • Cycle: a round or circle, e.g. of development; a life cycle.

How To Use Life Cycle In A Sentence?

  • The fourth stage in the technological life-cycle is death: "the Dog," dead tech.
  • Since Bridey had reached the ultimate point in his life cycle, it seemed certain that he was not going to change into anything else
  • The Minor Maintainer takes care of oxygen, temperature, humidity, gravity, and other little life-cycle and matter-cycle things generally, but it's the Major Maintainer that keeps the walls from buckling and the ceiling from falling in.
  • On the other hand, we have direct evidence that no animal life has ever evolved on Rythar; the life cycle is exclusively botanical."
  • "The Flimbotzik were telling Harkaway about their _own_ life cycle," Iversen whispered as revelation bathed him in its murky light. "

Definition of Life Cycle

(biology) The course of stages through which an organism passes from fertilized zygote until maturity, reproduction, and death. | (by extension) The useful life of a product or system; the developmental history of an individual or group in society.
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