Life Here In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Life Here | Life Here Sentence

  • There was no life here.
  • My life here is over.
  • It is not civilised life here.
  • Because he was dissatisfied with life here?
  • It is part of life here.
  • Supposing my life here satisfies me?
  • I will stop this life here and now.
  • Is her life here unbearable?
  • I cannot bear my life here any longer.
  • Evidences of their former life here were numerous.
  • I fear that my life here will be short.
  • I enjoy my life here above all things.
  • His life here is a strenuous one.
  • We lead but one life here on earth.
  • Sick of nursing me, and of her life here!
  • Our political life here in the centre is a proof of this.
  • I have spent the happiest year of my life here.
  • There are no clear stellar interspaces in our life here.
  • The whole thought now is about our life here on the earth.
  • This is our real life, here where we make beauty.
  • What is a life here or there to a Hohenzollern?
  • I feel as if I could no longer bear my life here.
  • I could dream away my life here with those I love.
  • There's more life here.
  • Life here doesn't vary much.
  • You seem not to have discovered that the life here is ideal.
  • There is a lady who has spent twenty years of her life here.
  • He had been content to spend his life here where chance had thrown him.
  • You have promised to tell me the story of his life here on the farm.
  • It's a dull sort of life here in the woods.
  • My life here is not eventful, but on the other hand it is not dull.
  • Life here and hereafter is one, and death is but an event in it.
  • You've had mighty little out of life, here by yourself.
  • He had fitted into the life here; he and his people had grown together.
  • There were many opportunities to take one's own life here.
  • There was no want of animal life here, nor of food when we should require it.

How To Use Life Here In A Sentence?

  • It will be a pity if we have any more trouble, for life here is very happy with us all now.
  • Life here cannot help seeming dingy and poor in contrast with that luxuriance and splendour.
  • Only as far as your study and your general life here do that, are they of any true value to you.
  • Given some correction, and life here on earth would be quite normal and perfect.

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