Lifted A In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lifted A | Lifted A Sentence

  • Racey lifted a quick head.
  • You have lifted a weight off my heart.
  • George lifted a silver cover.
  • He lifted a soapy face.
  • She lifted a miserable face to him.
  • Anthony lifted a cautioning hand.
  • Sara lifted a white face.
  • He lifted a clerical palm.
  • He lifted a corner of the curtain.
  • She lifted a proud face.
  • Amelia lifted a thankful look.
  • I never lifted a hand.
  • And he lifted a pistol and levelled it.
  • Caleb had lifted a hand in righteous accusation.
  • I rose and lifted a corner of the blind.
  • He lifted a keen blue eye.
  • Hugh smilingly lifted a pacifying hand.
  • The doctor lifted a weary hand.
  • She lifted a finger in a gesture of warning.
  • Her cleft chin lifted a little.
  • She lifted a corner of the counterpane and peered under.
  • Mat lifted a dull eye to the blue.
  • He opened it and lifted a string of beads.
  • Some one in the group lifted a lantern.
  • Then she lifted a very honest face towards her companion.
  • She lifted a face dry-eyed and tense.
  • Her words had lifted a painful weight from my bosom.
  • The lecturer on the platform lifted a protesting hand.
  • Mona lifted a pair of very astonished eyes to his face.
  • No junkman would have lifted a finger to save my life.
  • For a moment one of the two men lifted a corner of it.
  • Bea lifted a face bearing a suitably wounded expression.
  • Aspatria lifted a candle, and carried it high in her hand.
  • Susie lifted a rosy, tearful face for a moment.
  • She lifted a startled, incredulous look to his face.

How To Use Lifted A In A Sentence?

  • He lifted a face of elderly, cynical mirth.
  • His eyes rolled, and he lifted a paw to his nose.
  • She lifted a stiffened chin, and turned her gaze upward.
  • It might be the end of Dave if they lifted a finger.
  • Mrs. Donovan lifted a smiling face.
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