Ligaments In A Sentence

Definition of Ligaments

plural of ligament

How To Use Ligaments In A Sentence?

  • The function of the ligaments is to connect and bind together the bones of the system.
  • It is seldom that a bone is displaced without injury to the connecting ligaments and membranes.
  • This projects as a small sac between the antero- and postero-lateral ligaments of the joint.
  • By the ligaments the lower jaw is bound to the temporal bones, and the head to the neck.
  • Voice is sound vibration produced by the vocal cords, these being two ligaments in the larynx.
  • The are located in the broad ligaments between the uterus and the Fallopian tubes.
  • The ribs must be spaced with threads where the ligaments are soft, but when dry require no wires.
  • To these, the tendons of muscles and ligaments are attached, which connect one bone with another.
  • The New York physician said it was only sprained ligaments and would be all right soon.
  • How could I? "Nature has soft but powerful bands," and the ligaments were not yet severed.
  • It requires time and care for these ligaments to resume their natural strength and elasticity after childbirth.
  • Suspensoria: are those muscles or ligaments that hold the viscera and other internal structures in place.
  • Under these circumstances the ligaments lose their elasticity, and as a result we have prolapsus or falling of the womb.
  • There are also other ligaments concerned in this same work, although the broad ligaments are most important.
  • As the muscles and ligaments are elastic, the womb slightly changes its position with different movements of the body.
  • It will be remembered that here the synovial membrane protrudes as a small sac between the antero- and postero-lateral ligaments of the joint.
  • Slipping and sliding attempts to gain a foothold become frequent, and strains of the tendons and ligaments follow in their wake.
  • These ligaments are attached to the sides of the pelvic cavity, and aid greatly in holding the uterus firmly in place.
  • As a consequence, the surrounding ligaments become softened and yield, and the articular surfaces displaced.
  • The joint, after its ligaments have been destroyed in this manner, is loosened, and the bones are now freely movable.
  • Very soon the ligaments of the joint, the periosteum, the articular cartilages, and the bones are implicated.
  • Caries of the os pedis, of the lateral ligaments of the pedal-joint, or of the lateral cartilages, is a result.
  • In case the skeleton has been dried after scraping, as is often done, it must be soaked in clear water until the ligaments are relaxed.
  • As he worked he talked to Evan, who was swallowing dry slices of bread with mustard and stray ligaments of gristle sandwiched between.
  • The flexors were apparently all right, and the bending back seemed to be due to contraction of the ligaments of the joint and the sheath of the perforans.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ligaments | Ligaments Sentence

  • The ligaments of the patella.
  • Of what are ligaments composed?
  • The ligaments of the hip-joint.
  • The ligaments binding the articulation.
  • The anterior ligaments of the knee-joint.
  • That gives a place for the ligaments to take hold.
  • No bones were broken, but the ligaments were strained.
  • The ligaments of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist.
  • The ligaments of the clavicle, sternum, and ribs.
  • With what vessels are the cartilages and ligaments supplied?
  • Most of the ligaments are found exterior to the synovial membrane.
  • What effect has disease of the vocal ligaments upon the voice?
  • The lateral ligaments which connect the os hyoides and thyroid cartilage.
  • The ligaments are sometimes strained, stretched, or torn by a fall.
  • Ligaments of the ankle-joint 60, 61, 62, Ligaments of the metatarsus.

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