Light Bulb In A Sentence

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  • shuddered the light bulb.
  • "Hi, Watts!" said Biff to the light bulb.
  • "Yes," said Ozma as a Light-Bulb jumped over her head.
  • "That sounds like a good idea," agreed the Saber-Toothed Light-Bulb.

How To Use Light Bulb In A Sentence?

  • There was only one small light bulb hanging about forty feet up on the ceiling.
  • Art without inspiration is our electric light bulb disconnected from the main current.
  • He rested for a while, studying the light bulb which hung in the center of the room.
  • He nodded as he moved a swinging light bulb slowly over the paper, hastening the drying process.
  • Owing to this fact the inside surface of an incandescent light bulb after being used for some time becomes coated with a dark film of carbon.
  • We might draw an apt parallel from the electric light bulb: this is nothing but a possible source of light, until it is connected with the main supply from the generating station.
  • Protecting his hand with several of the white papers, he felt above him for the base of the light bulb, unscrewed it, and dropped it gently onto the rest of the tissues still in his lap.
  • But as our little party drew closer, they could see the individuality of each Saber-Toothed Light Bulb.
  • An unshaded electric-light bulb filled the room with crude light, stripping its poverty and tawdriness naked to the eye its bamboo furniture, its imitation parquet, and the cheap distemper of its walls.
  • The other day one of my neighbors turned up with a light bulb with built-in power for a year's time.
  • If New Mexico were to call, a light bulb would flash the signal in Tom's quarters, and he would telephone the house.
  • With these translations, syntax and word usage suffer, because dictionary-driven databases can't decipher between homonyms -- for example, 'light' (as in the sun or light bulb) and 'light' (the opposite of heavy).
  • nickel is called "platinite" because its rate of expansion and contraction is the same as platinum and glass, and so it can be used to replace the platinum wire passing through the glass of an electric light bulb.

Definition of Light Bulb

An evacuated glass bulb containing a metal filament which is heated by electrical resistance to produce light. | (by extension) An article that resembles such a bulb and converts electricity to light by any process. | (figuratively) Used in reference to the sudden arrival of a realization, an inspiration, an idea, or the like.
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