Lightest In A Sentence

Definition of Lightest

superlative form of light: most light | (archaic) second-person singular simple present form of light

How To Use Lightest In A Sentence?

  • It is characterized by its extreme lightness, being the lightest of all known substances.
  • He let you know when he wanted you to stop, by the lightest pressure on the bit.
  • Their mass is inconsiderable; they seem to consist mainly of the lightest of gases.
  • Screened as we were from the lightest breath of wind, it was cruelly hot in that hiding-place.
  • For her child she feared the heat of a ray of sun, the chill of the lightest breeze.
  • Hilda had the sensation of coming unexpectedly, through the lightest loam, upon a hard surface.
  • They, too, saw things very thin and shadowy, and were wafted about by the lightest breath of wind.
  • But yet intent Upon some mystery bent Harkens the lightest word we say, or hear.
  • But yet intent Upon some mystery bent, Hearkens the lightest word we say, or hear.
  • That she loves me I know full well; that she obeys my lightest wish, I allow, on my knees.
  • From these they learned that the distant booming of the explosions had aroused only a few of the lightest sleepers.
  • As those who have the longest rounds have the lightest burdens, they all contrive to finish at about the same time.
  • The color of shell was measured by making up samples of water colors of all gradations of color between the lightest shell and the darkest.
  • Even now, in the midst of lightest chatter, she stabbed him over and over again with the frank confidence in her trusting eyes.
  • He had an answer ready, that her motives had always been a mystery to him, even in her lightest acts.
  • We put Jose Santa Maria Trujillo, one of our lightest boys, up on Pinto for to ride him.
  • When you have a suspicion that certain things are so, every little circumstance and every lightest remark seem to confirm you in that belief.
  • When the officials are forced to take cognizance of the crime, the lightest possible punishment is imposed upon the convicted parties.
  • Partly because wheat bread has been easy to get and we have grown to like the taste, but chiefly because wheat flour gives the lightest loaf.
  • The sea, unruffled by the lightest breeze, is of that nameless blue which seems to have been refined and purified from the colour of a turquoise.
  • If you bend a twig, the icing cracks like varnish, and a half-inch branch snaps off at the lightest tap.
  • The Riders are weighed, and to the lightest of them they give that Weight which he wants of the other.
  • The mother answered: "The lightest touch is sufficient to convulse her, professor.
  • Riding along in one of the lightest ox carts was Delazes, his eyes fixed on the balloon overhead, while behind him came his followers.
  • The lightest of US have a ballast that they can't imagine, and the poorest a moral imagination that they don't require.
  • Most of the sixty-five workers of the Utica shop were also moved to Oswego; it was retained only for the very lightest sort of repairs.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lightest | Lightest Sentence

  • He is the lightest of light-weights.
  • Each string his lightest touch obeying.
  • The lightest touch will jar upon a bruise.
  • Her lightest words were an entrancing melody to his ear.
  • And the lightest hours a-creep. Sleep!
  • Yet but the lightest touch is a source of pain to the sick man.
  • That was the simplest coiffure, and the lightest to my ever-aching head.
  • Laying in stores, however, was not the lightest of sundry perplexities.
  • The lightest sound enraged my nerves: the approach of any one made me frantic.
  • The lightest of them may have been expelled from the volcanoes of the Moon.
  • A delicate situation, which needed the lightest handling, confronted him.
  • And in your lightest word shall be The thunder of an ebbing sea.
  • And that the vows we pledged together Are lighter than the lightest feather.
  • But wilt thou measure all thy road, See thou lift the lightest load.

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