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  • The defensive lightness was fled.
  • Its lightness and clearness were remarkable.
  • His lightness of tone hurt her a little.
  • His smile died out, and all his lightness vanished.
  • Aurora, with a forced lightness of rather bitter effect.
  • On the whole, I had cause for lightness of feeling.
  • The continual lightness of the horse at all paces will be the result of it.
  • It's a model of lightness as such machines go.
  • What lightness of touch, what ease of movement, what brilliancy of hue!
  • All had hollow limb bones, and air cavities to give lightness to the skull.
  • Some of the lightness vanished from Philippa's face.
  • He was anxious to maintain the appearance of bland lightness before Betty.
  • In a moment all Kate's lightness vanished.
  • The lightness of my nature; true, Our course is but a zigzag one.
  • It was O-liver's lightness which gave him the whip hand in an argument.

How To Use Lightness In A Sentence?

  • In the perpendicular position of the head, and the lightness that accompanies it.
  • The lightness of tone which he had assumed had precisely the opposite effect intended.
  • On account of its lightness it is possible to pour it upward from one bottle into another.
  • A deep asphaltum has overpowered lightness and delicacy, and has itself become obscure.
  • He assumed a grace and a lightness that might well become a minstrel of no ordinary degree.
  • Menard, with a strange, new lightness in his heart, went out into the sunlight.
  • In the lightness of her glee, In the laughter of her eyes.
  • The forest began to take on a lightness and Boyce knew that it had to be morning.
  • Gregory tended to think of America and its people with the kindly lightness common to his type.
  • M. Chasles often allies lightness of expression with great profundity of thought.
  • Owing to the comparative lightness of the material such a scheme is more feasible than was the case with terne-plate cups.
  • In fact, these principles having been laid down, a great lightness of spirit showed itself in both of them.
  • It is very strange the lightness with which serious things are taken by men here, and it took me some time to understand it.
  • The gentlemen were in high good-humour, and kept falling out with each other and making it up again from sheer lightness of heart.
  • She looked charming with her great boa tied about her throat, and sprang into the dog-cart all lightness and joy.
  • Probably; but aluminium is magnetic in a lower degree than iron, and its greater lightness might prove in its favour.
  • The result of all this was a flat tire, and these boys and girls just went bumping along without any happiness or lightness of heart.
  • His heart grew buoyant with hope; the lightness of his heart gave elasticity to his step and sent the blood rejoicingly through his veins.
  • He could outrun them all, by his lightness of foot, and was an expert in gliding away from any hand that sought to hold him back.
  • He nodded his head to and fro significantly, opened the door with an adroit movement, and stepped out with a lightness unexpected at his age.
  • A shade of lightness had crept into Diana's voice; the shadow of a smile into her eyes.
  • The equilibrium of the whole body is perfect, its lightness complete, when the head and neck remain of themselves easy, pliable and graceful.
  • When the nose shall descend to No. 10, the perpendicular position will be complete and the lightness perfect.
  • The lightness of the horse (head perpendicular), the exact balance of his body, and the elevation to the same height of the legs diagonally.
  • And yet there had been no lightness in his eyes, those eager, shining young eyes, so gravely concerned....

Definition of Lightness

The state of having little weight, or little force. | Agility of movement. | Freedom from worry.
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