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How To Use Like Crazy In A Sentence?

  • How we all ran like crazy folk into the water, Daddy, and screamed and held out our arms.
  • I done seen dem young'uns fought and kick like crazy folks; child it wuz pitiful to see 'em.
  • These cow-punchers liked to get drunk and gallop through San Felippe, shooting like crazy men.
  • They turn their heads and behold the crowd of commissionaires dashing headlong for the shelter of adjacent houses, and acting like crazy men.
  • He had the chicken tucked under his arm, it was squawking like crazy and he was running in one end of each barracks and out the other with a German guard chasing him.
  • The men acted like crazy creatures at a barbacue--each one cut for himself with very little respect for anyone.
  • Both platforms of the cars were swarming with men--men rigged in queer garb: wool leggings, wool jackets striped off in bizarre colors or checked like crazy horse-blankets.
  • "Oh, they dress funny, and they run all over and they climb trees like--crazy," said Lucia.
  • then we make up for all this tedious restraint; we are so joyful when our parents permit us to walk in the woods: then we leave our frizzed hair, stays, and our high-heeled shoes all behind us, and run about in our morning dresses like crazy girls; we climb the mountains, and poor madame, who thinks it her duty to follow us, soon loses her breath, halts with weary limbs, and can neither run after us, nor call us back.
  • why, Nannie, it's all you can do to walk now; you're limping away like crazy Sam."
  • "You've made it, lads, hearts of gold," Sid boomed at them, and Beau twitched a smile and murmured something courtly and Maud began to chant, "Shut the Door!" and the New Girl copied her and I joined in because the Change Winds do blow like crazy when the Door is open, even though it can't ever be shut tight enough to keep them from leaking through.

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  • Phone phreaks just talk like crazy.
  • Just drive like crazy!"
  • "Oh! like crazy things with wings!
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