Liked In A Sentence

How To Use Liked In A Sentence?

  • I liked to draw out the acquirements which they would not believe that they possessed.
  • Patricia watched her making her sociable way out of the room, and she decided that she liked her.
  • She would have liked to put her head down on his shoulder and simply cry till she was comforted.
  • Indeed, she intended that he should come ultimately to much good, for she really liked him.
  • However, he evidently liked us much, and pressed us to pay him a visit in Galata.
  • Blamed if I liked it pretty well, either, coming from a stranger, that way.
  • When Cloete dines there, the beggar puts on a dress suit; little woman liked it; . . .
  • She forgave him for it, though she would have liked very much to exchange impressions with somebody.
  • I liked of all things to go to the chemist's when my mother replenished her little medicine-chest.
  • The girl felt it too; and in spite of her predilection for my powerful rival, she liked to flirt with me.
  • She surprised him, she struck a new note, the note of the unexpected, but whether he liked or disliked it, he could not tell.
  • The Blair family talked all at once, including the youngest, who had three words at his command and liked to practice them.
  • She always liked to see Bruce mix the dressing and make the salad, and tonight his strong cheerfulness seemed particularly good to her.
  • She would have liked if possible not to spend another hour under the roof that had been supplied by the late Mr. Calloway.
  • Mrs. Bentley asked him if he liked music, and she went to the piano and sang some Scotch songs very sweetly.
  • If men liked that sort of thing, and they apparently did, Corinna reflected, then they could scarcely complain of an emphasis on perfection.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Liked | Liked Sentence

  • Neither of the men liked it.
  • He liked her almost too well.
  • He had been liked and respected wherever he had been.
  • Many would have liked his skin or skeleton.
  • He liked a touch of temper in a woman.
  • Sand liked by hares, 218.
  • Plants liked by hares, 218.
  • We liked him; we enjoyed his society.
  • It was his first attempt at composition, and he liked it.
  • Few people liked him; many stood in awe of him.
  • But none of us liked to inquire, at least then.
  • You must have seen that I always liked you.
  • I liked also the costume of the Hungarian men.
  • Even lively young girls liked to dance with the Major.
  • I should have thought you would have liked to say, Yes.
  • I'd always liked the place.
  • Sometimes she almost forgot herself and liked her step-mother.
  • She would have liked to claim the old mansion as a relative.
  • Randy was willing, accommodating and tireless when he liked a job.
  • She liked him the better for not being at Emily's as well.
  • He liked this young man, a pioneer, too, in more than one direction.
  • But I liked the way she went straight as a dart at the thing she wanted.
  • I liked the idea, but I said that that man might turn up and object.
  • She decided suddenly and positively that she had always liked Gideon Vetch.

Definition of Liked

simple past tense and past participle of like
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