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  • The likelihood is that there was malice in it.
  • In all likelihood the will was now in this very room.
  • What likelihood was there that the men had come to kill?
  • There is small likelihood of meeting old acquaintances.
  • Anyhow, in all likelihood it is no ghost, thought I.
  • There is no likelihood that any such step will be consummated.
  • Nor is there any likelihood that this fortunate condition will ever change.
  • But there was little likelihood of the lady seeing these lines.
  • There seemed little likelihood that the trail could be picked up quickly.
  • There seemed small likelihood of it unless I took Jack into our confidence.
  • But I fear me there's little likelihood of your changing it now.

How To Use Likelihood In A Sentence?

  • Debby was thinking of the pork, and the likelihood of its being properly diversified.
  • A chance encounter was all the rider had to fear, and there was little likelihood of this.
  • There was little likelihood of trouble for Michael with any of the officers he knew.
  • I have pointed out disadvantages which in all likelihood will disappear with time and settlement by good farmers.
  • But he told himself that there was scant likelihood of her having turned out here; there was but the one trail now.
  • Not only had she failed to contact the mysterious woman, but there now seemed little likelihood of doing so.
  • Had he been an aristocrat, in all likelihood they had never ventured to canvass the merits they now so mercilessly arraign.
  • But though neither of them was indifferent or unfeeling, there was not much likelihood of sympathy from them just at present.
  • But in a very short time each saw that he was on a different route, and that there was no likelihood of their clashing in their onward journey.
  • He realized that the likelihood of finding it was very slim, but there was always the chance, so he hunted carefully.
  • His eyes sought all through his own witnesses, but they found no likelihood of a testimony in his favor based on the purchase of that grand organ.
  • As a class, they have dipped the soles of their feet in the water, with no intention or likelihood of wading deeper into it.
  • There was also the likelihood of encountering reinforcements, sent out to meet the boatmen, or for protection at the time of landing.
  • She listened eagerly, and, though she saw but little likelihood of escape, she clutched at the chance of it.
  • These neglected children, whatever their birth, come really from the dangerous classes, and have a likelihood to drift there.
  • The likelihood of the children, in turn, inheriting any such predisposition, depends on the answer to the inquiry we first put.
  • But even though the god of Chance should favour the enemy in this way, the likelihood of sinking its prey would still be very remote.
  • This was to some extent true; the French girl was somewhere else, though there was little likelihood of her claiming the seat.
  • The more they contemplated the character of this gigantic planet, the more they became impressed with the likelihood of a serious perturbation in their own course.
  • To some their soldiers had already returned, and they were dining as merrily as if to-morrow did not hold out a reasonable likelihood of being killed.
  • I felt like another Joseph, sold into Egypt by my own brother, but with no likelihood of becoming king.
  • Even then he was in the ocean depths miles to windward of our leeward drift, and the likelihood was that he was already portioned out in the maws of many sharks.
  • The oldest portions in all likelihood are the nave and transepts of the conventual church, the whole of which was completed perhaps by the year 1200.
  • There had been no interruption of his vacation, as yet, and there was no likelihood that an interruption of it would occur while he should still be among the living.
  • There was little likelihood that he would be believed here now by these jurors, whose minds were already fixed by the facts and the half truths which they had been hearing.
  • He was to follow as fast as the loaded porters could be made to travel, and with that concertina of his to spur them on there was little likelihood of losing touch.
  • But he did it absently, and she understood that his mind was not with her, and that there was little likelihood of his inditing a set of verses to the lily, as she had hoped.
  • Had the outcome been reversed, had he failed, had Brayley worsted him, there was every likelihood that Conniston would have left the range.
  • The most beautiful places on this earth are, according to them, just those places which you have never visited, nor is there any likelihood of you ever being fortunate enough to do so.

Definition of Likelihood

The probability of a specified outcome; the chance of something happening; probability; the state or degree of being probable. | (statistics) The probability that some fixed outcome was generated by a random distribution with a specific parameter. | Likeness, resemblance.
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