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  • There is no likelihood that any such step will be consummated.
  • There seems to be no likelihood that there will be any dinner at all anywhere.
  • Nor is there any likelihood that this fortunate condition will ever change.
  • There seems no likelihood that the vein should be exhausted or die out.
  • There is no likelihood that the laboratory will ever rival the wheat field.
  • There seemed little likelihood that the trail could be picked up quickly.

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  • But, alas, there is slender likelihood that thou canst overpower the haughty hector of the king.
  • Silvestre de Sacy says there is some likelihood that the Black Stone is an aerolite.
  • I knew I had found a friend, even though there was no likelihood that I should ever see his face.
  • It is here, in all likelihood, that John Shakespeare and Mary Arden were married.
  • There is no likelihood that Roman citizens began immediately to avail themselves freely of the power to disinherit.
  • We fastened on our rackets and started to the southwest, where there was little likelihood that we should be disturbed by Indians.
  • He wondered what strangeness it was in her nature that urged her to go down to this hidden pool when there was no likelihood that anyone should be there.
  • Now, however, there is a likelihood that Bob may be called up; and the fate of the carrying business hangs in the balance.
  • We may start by enumerating those factors which enter into the likelihood that a reduction of employment will result from the enforcement of a living wage policy.
  • There had been no interruption of his vacation, as yet, and there was no likelihood that an interruption of it would occur while he should still be among the living.
  • Under these unnatural conditions the native population was rapidly dying off, and there was some likelihood that there would soon be a scarcity of native labour.
  • Even had we known where the submarine was located there would have been little likelihood that we could ever have sighted it, to say nothing of getting near it.
  • There was little likelihood that he would be believed here now by these jurors, whose minds were already fixed by the facts and the half truths which they had been hearing.
  • Had the outcome been reversed, had he failed, had Brayley worsted him, there was every likelihood that Conniston would have left the range.
  • Inspections were made below decks and it was found that the ship was rapidly filling with water, both forward and aft, and that there was little likelihood that she would remain afloat.
  • His resources were reduced to the minimum, and there was little likelihood that he would have again been able to bring the matter to the attention of Congress.
  • Already the word had spread to the gathering crowd that the accident was but a roof-fall, not an explosion, that two cages full of miners had come and that there was a likelihood that most of the men were safe.
  • Noting an unaccustomed accent of peevishness in the energetic voice, Berta began to worry a bit over the likelihood that such petulance was due to impending sickness.
  • There is no likelihood that such a task will ever be performed, and therefore his writings must be placed in the rank of occasional literature, valuable for many days, but not precious for generations.
  • I had to admit to myself after I had been to Mr. Moresco, that there was not much likelihood that I would get it.
  • His depression was generally attributed to the fact that, although now married three years, no child had been born to their union, or any likelihood that he should leave an heir to his great name and fortune.
  • Thus far, however, there seemed little likelihood that Dick would leave the fascinating grind for the more substantial though more prosaic office desk.
  • While you may not be picked for that position, there's a likelihood that you will be held as a substitute.
  • Since the suspension of silver sales and of the withdrawal of the silver thalers (May 1879) there is no likelihood that the Bundesrath will make use of this authority conferred upon it.
  • There was a likelihood that, in future, Sir Lionel Carden would represent the British Empire in Brazil.
  • It not only made peace between the United States and Great Britain the normal condition, but it removed the likelihood that the wrangling over petty matters might lead to war.
  • Thorodd answered: "There seems to me great likelihood that your forebodings will come true; and therefore," said he, "I shall promise to you not to depart from your instructions".
  • The more Lieutenant Hal thought about it the less he was inclined to feel that there was any likelihood that Mexicans would attempt to-night to cross the river anywhere in the neighborhood of United States troops.
  • It was only necessary to find the railway company's runways leading into the yards above; in time of peace there was little likelihood that the entrances to the dock would be closed, even at night.
  • He did what he had to do, and did it fairly well; but there was no sign that he was looking forward, and there remained scant likelihood that he would meet the expectations of his father and grandfather by mastering the business.
  • Cannibals and caverns is a combination that might appeal to Tippoo Tib, but there's no likelihood that he buried all that ivory in one place, you know.
  • The certainty that Bruhl and his captives were not far off, and the likelihood that we might be engaged within the hour, expelled from the minds of even the most timorous among us the vapourish fears which had before haunted them.
  • And the danger that seemed to threaten him now was the likelihood that if he saw much of Meryl Pym he would grow to love her, and perhaps she would reciprocate his love, and for them both there would be only a great pain.
  • There is some likelihood that the captured bandit may prove to be the escaped convict, named "Buck," who was serving long sentence in the state penitentiary, and for whom the police have been searching in vain for the last three months.
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