Likewise In A Sentence

Definition of Likewise

(manner) In a similar manner. | (conjunctive) also; moreover; too. | The same to you; used as a response.

How To Use Likewise In A Sentence?

  • He likewise has the great public.
  • We likewise began a novel.
  • He likewise had his own idol in his closet.
  • It applies likewise to adults.
  • Its duration is likewise very variable.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Likewise | Likewise Sentence

  • His was likewise red.
  • It was likewise more compact.
  • These were likewise destroyed.
  • So is it likewise with wisdom.
  • Yankees were there likewise in abundance.
  • Hearing is likewise absent.
  • And likewise with instincts.
  • Frank had likewise been attended to.
  • They should likewise be pulverized.
  • It was likewise the most expensive.
  • But here likewise we were disappointed.
  • And likewise in this matter.
  • And their fundamental solution likewise is the same.
  • And now the clergy were likewise impeached.
  • That was likewise the sentiment of the officers.
  • They likewise explained to him the motives.
  • So likewise was the sole inhabitant.
  • My own servant likewise waited on me.
  • It is likewise insoluble in alcohol.
  • Tesimond likewise had been formerly domesticated.
  • This is very important and likewise very simple.
  • The bartender was likewise surprised.
  • May it likewise become a desert if it is not!
  • He was likewise accused of magic.
  • All their gold was likewise collected there.
  • On this point he is likewise very sensitive.
  • The counterfeit here likewise varies.
  • In adoration likewise and invocation.
  • Betty likewise started on her journey.
  • And they likewise differ in shape.
  • It is likewise removed in the other secretions.
  • So here likewise there was no room for a lawyer.
  • This face likewise disappeared.
  • He was likewise in a confidential mood.
  • They are likewise dirty in their cookery.

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