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How To Use Limbers In A Sentence?

  • The horses had been rested and word came to proceed; the limbers creaked and moved.
  • Two of their limbers were blown up in succession, with thunderous noise, and this further discouraged them.
  • There was no room for two limbers to pass abreast, and they could be turned only by separating the two halves and turning one at a time.
  • Formed up in rear were the six gun limbers and six ammunition waggons, each with its team of six horses still hooked in in case of any emergency.
  • Part of the line passed in front of a very large grove and there our limbers could fill up in a few minutes with oranges such as we had never tasted before.
  • They reached a rise in the rolling landscape and stopped to breathe their beasts which were shaking the heavy limbers by their desperate gasps for air.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Limbers | Limbers Sentence

  • On such ground limbers and carts will have to be emptied if necessary.
  • This gallant battery had three of its limbers blown up and replaced.
  • Beats all, how Chris'mus limbers up a man's feelin's!

Definition of Limbers

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of limber | plural of limber
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