Limbs In A Sentence

How To Use Limbs In A Sentence?

  • I had a fancy that all his natural heat had abandoned his limbs and gone to his brain.
  • Doubling the limbs over the body so as to hold the head he wrapped the matting around the whole.
  • His limbs trembled, and in despair he looked for something to steady him in the ordeal.
  • The limbs were orange proximally and black distally; the pads of the feet were bluish black.
  • The cold will brace your limbs and brain to genius, and make you foremost men of time.
  • She dragged her tired limbs to the palace gates, and stood there, bent and tottering.
  • Mr. Middleton, with shaking limbs and halting footsteps, assisted his wife to her room.
  • Connected between the two limbs of the line at the substation there is also the receiver and the secondary of an induction coil in series.
  • Though securely fastened, the limbs of the victim are left some liberty to shrink from the accursed heat.
  • She lay and looked with astonishment at the wrinkled folds of the white mull dress that bound her limbs like a shroud.
  • The rebel volley cut the limbs and bushes over their heads, and whistled viciously through the damp air and the darkness.
  • He peered at me in an extraordinary manner as if he wanted to make sure that I had all my limbs about me.
  • The pain eased in her heart, and strength came back slowly to her limbs as the suffocation in her throat lessened.
  • The child's head was half knawed from the body; its limbs lay scattered to this place and that.
  • Almost before he had ceased speaking Jinny had turned and was staggering with trembling limbs towards the sandhills.
  • And as his soul was loosed from the chains of sin, so were his limbs loosed from their heaviness, and all their strength was restored unto him.
  • These punchings are laid together so as to form a laminated soft-iron field, the limbs of which are about square in cross-section.
  • Little Em's knees and elbows were knobs in the midst of limbs of unnatural length.
  • The boy had never in his life walked so far before, although his limbs were perfectly developed and able for much longer pilgrimages.
  • True enough, at some hundred yards off, the young girl was seen slowly dragging her limbs forward in the direction where they stood.
  • His lower limbs were enclosed in leathern garments, which fastened below the knee, leaving visible his grey worsted stockings.
  • We all stood to arms; but the sight of that dazzling white figure seemed to close the lips of our commanders, to numb the limbs of our soldiers.
  • The idol momentarily set up, often for political reasons, crumbles in time into the dust from which its limbs were perhaps originally moulded.
  • The tureen of soup was a black sea, with livers and limbs and fragments of all kinds of birds and beasts, floating like wrecks about it.
  • I mounted my horse, who seemed not sorry to use his limbs again, which had been numbed by standing upon ice and snow the whole night through.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Limbs | Limbs Sentence

  • His limbs refused to carry him further.
  • His limbs were dead already.
  • A tremor ran through his limbs and his pulse quickened.
  • He seems to freeze, all his limbs are trembling.
  • The feet were uncovered, and the limbs were quite cold.
  • Current Supply over Limbs of Line in Parallel.
  • And it was a nut-gall from its limbs which it made into a canteen for him.
  • In an instant his shattered limbs were lying in the castle ditch.
  • On the trunk and limbs of a body was placed a freshly severed head.
  • He shivered until his teeth chattered, and all his limbs fairly shook.
  • His limbs were weak, each moment they grew more numbed and stiff.
  • His limbs felt disjointed, and his mind was in darkness and confusion.
  • Now lay their ivory limbs along The buoyant bosom of the tide.
  • Baby, sleep a little longer, Till the little limbs are stronger.
  • Thus through my limbs already burns The glorious Walpurgis night!

Definition of Limbs

plural of limb
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