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  • The siege of Limerick was at once raised.
  • By this time the second siege of Limerick had occurred.
  • The remark of a Limerick drayman was widely quoted.
  • A Limerick solicitor and an ardent Young Irelander.
  • On the Limerick estate for five years there have been no evictions.
  • Sarsfield's troops returned to Limerick in triumph.
  • O'Brien left for Wexford and O'Gorman for Limerick to organise those counties.

How To Use Limerick In A Sentence?

  • What you call Socialism is his intellectual equivalent for Diabolo and Limerick competitions.
  • After the surrender of Limerick no further resistance was offered to the arms of William III.
  • So I draw the world together link by link: Yea, from Delos up to Limerick and back!
  • He eloquently told how the women of Limerick beat back the soldiers of William III.
  • Each memento was accompanied by a limerick hitting off the idiosyncrasies of the recipient, who was asked to read it aloud.
  • Later he began his railroad service with the R. W. & O. as operator at Limerick Station.
  • The borough of Limerick at present enjoys the singular advantage of having two civic heads to the city.
  • She went upstairs, and brought down a delicate pair of Limerick ones, which had been long treasured up in a walnut-shell.
  • A peasant's son in Limerick enlisted in the militia for a month's training, for which he received a bounty of three pounds.
  • I there learned that Mr. Meagher and some friends of his from Limerick had also arrived with the same object as myself.
  • After a spell at Limerick I was again sent home ill, and for six months I really had to be treated as an invalid.
  • But what of Limerick wall, what of the valorous rush of the women of the beleaguered city to stem the inroads of the besiegers and rally the defenders to the breach?
  • He became provost of the college in 1811, bishop of Limerick in 1820, and bishop of Leighlin and Ferns in 1822.

Definition of Limerick

A humorous, often bawdy verse of five anapaestic lines, with the rhyme scheme aabba, and typically having a 9–9–6–6–9 cadence.

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