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  • It was of limitless capacity.
  • Yet the phonograph has an almost limitless rĂ©pertoire.
  • Before him stretched in all directions the limitless sea.
  • It may be of practically limitless intricacy and possibility.
  • The ship seemed to be crawling blindly about in a limitless void.
  • Its application may be as limitless as the entire range of human desire.
  • Northward there was the same almost limitless expanse of low, lazy undulation.
  • The night was dark and soft, and seemed of a limitless vastness.
  • The two boys looked with awe on the limitless stretch of wooded wilds.
  • Brave dreams were there, and limitless ambitions, and some achievement.
  • Of but little account is a human life in the vast, limitless universe.
  • Then we would be lost men, treading our round of death in a limitless forest.
  • The author has immense command of language, and a limitless audacity....
  • In wild and vagabond tatters hurled Through the limitless winter of the world.

How To Use Limitless In A Sentence?

  • No doubt suns and systems are still being sent out completed on their limitless circles.
  • In thy celestial journeyings, thou dost never set on the limitless empire of her affections.
  • Molly Healy, in the quiet of the garden, turned her eyes towards the dark, limitless ocean.
  • It came from the breasts of those who waited with limitless courage, and those who worked feverishly to save.
  • Wordless happiness had come to him, and he let his thoughts wander out into the limitless expanse of the heavens.
  • Their minds drink of the limitless ocean of all past knowledge and catch the gleam of discovery to come.
  • Blinding dust and fragments of ballast whirled about the cars as the huge locomotive hauled them rocking over the limitless levels.
  • The golden-haired youth looked up into the sky and saw a small bird flying into the limitless distance.
  • They each reached a port for which neither was bound, and both were started on an undreamed-of, limitless voyage.
  • Perhaps he had no thought of marriage: he only wanted her to ride beside him over the limitless wilderness, and to sleep with him under the stars.
  • Presently they cleared the point of land marking the upper end of the sheltering key, and the limitless gulf lay before them.
  • The thoughts of the stars are untongued, but they vibrate across the limitless ether, and are eloquent to the receptive mind.
  • They bring with them no contentment, no repose, while they heap upon us boundless necessities and limitless wants.
  • On these smooth and limitless sands there is plenty alike for repair of body, the imagination, and the solace of the naturalist.
  • He looked out at the buildings, the smoke still curling up from the perimeter, and the limitless sweep of green jungle beyond.
  • Only here and there in the ocean, and all unseen to them, like little groups of mushrooms on a limitless prairie, lay groups of islets.
  • She met it unflinchingly, but as his smile appeared and grew, its limitless widening spread contagion, and her calm front was broken.
  • Out of the darkness and murk of the slums the soul of Mikky had climbed high, and his ambitions reached up to the limitless blue above him.
  • And he knew that Barney was shrewd, grimly tenacious, and limitless in self-confidence and ambition.
  • For the moment, the delusion that his power was still limitless prevailed, and her faith whole again, so many times had he mended a world all awry.
  • There insisted the effect of limitless tree-grown plains, which the warm drowsy sun, the park-like landscape, corroborated.
  • The juridical formula of this system is the principle of national sovereignty in its most uncompromising interpretation and most limitless conception.
  • The almost limitless capacity of Puritanism for evil is due to its intrenchment behind the State and the law.
  • Happily Kandinsky, an explorer of the limitless realms of metaphysics, has given us no more specific a postulate than that colour has meaning.
  • He was awe-struck by the fury of the elements, by the limitless expanse of upheaving waters, by the long, white-crested seas racing down the wind.
  • Pilumnus, god of the pestle, and Diverra, goddess of the broom, may close our small sample of the limitless crowd.

Definition of Limitless

Without limits in extent, size, or quantity; boundless.
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