Lineaments In A Sentence

Definition of Lineaments

plural of lineament

How To Use Lineaments In A Sentence?

  • The mask was off, and the unmistakable lineaments of the outraged mother appeared.
  • The sculptors have dealt fairly with all, and not one has the lineaments of utter baseness.
  • Behind the lineaments of Hebrew anthropomorphism ghost or goblin are not to be found.
  • Transformed the lineaments of a rugged land, And left the thistle lovely as the rose.
  • See, then, how the features of Christ look out through the lineaments of His Church.
  • This phantom was of unusual size, and of beauty more than human, so far as its lineaments could be traced in the early dawn.
  • Dolly looked at him, like a person awake from a dream, trying to read some of the remembered lineaments of that midshipman in his face.
  • Somewhere beneath that mat of hair and beard, did there remain traces of those good-natured lineaments that were wont to set the boys in a roar?
  • In fact the human face divine, deprived of all lineaments and expression, is now a foul, misshapen mass.
  • She gazed on the sacred shrine, and in the glory above it at times she perceived the lineaments of the form of Him who had done all this for her.
  • In the same church is a rare tablet of the passion of our Saviour, admired by artists for the rare painting and lineaments of it.
  • If it is difficult to trace the earliest lineaments of Merodach, how much more difficult must it be to trace those of the older gods!
  • I scrutinized the lineaments of her lovely face; and, I assure you, she lost nothing by the strict examination.
  • Yet, for your comfort, the lineaments are true: and though he sat not five times to me, as he did to B.
  • As types of character, the lineaments of the face were explored by the later Greek Art as profoundly as the rest of the body.
  • The lineaments of every soldier in the crowd were closely and eagerly scanned, but there were none there who bore the slightest resemblance to him for whom she yearned.
  • Swedenborg had meantime kept his eyes immovably fixed upon the youth, and now appeared to have subjected the lineaments of his face to a sufficient trial.
  • But his sympathies are all the other way; and the lineaments are altered; and the heroes are displaced; and forms which are not heroes stand where they had stood.
  • When the delicious beauty of lineaments loses its power, it is because a more delicious beauty has appeared; that an interior and durable form has been disclosed.
  • But if the time ever comes when his lineaments are fully revealed to sight, he will be found neither much greater nor much better than his generation justified.
  • It would be premature to attempt to define the exact outline of the new forms of romantic love, or the precise lineaments of the beings who will most ardently evoke that love.
  • Then, lifting the lighted candle, he bent over the two prostrate bodies, holding the illumination close to the lineaments first of one and then of the other.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lineaments | Lineaments Sentence

  • Suddenly it illuminated the dim lineaments of a face.
  • These lineaments as crowding cares assail!
  • I could scarcely recognise any lineaments of my own.
  • But were there not some foreign lineaments in his countenance?
  • And the body or form will be stamped with the inward lineaments of the man.
  • It wore the sad, yet lovely lineaments of my departed mother.
  • But the lineaments of the old "spirit of the sky" were soon obliterated.
  • We could trace in His features the lineaments of the statues we had defaced.
  • Last year I looked death in the face and found its lineaments not unkind.
  • All eyes turned to the marble lineaments of the late Sir Benjamin's features.

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