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  • Write me a few lines immediately.
  • See the lines that represent the river.
  • The lines in his face showed what he had suffered.
  • Name some streets or roads with trolley lines upon them.
  • Write me a few lines to-morrow, and direct here.
  • If not inconvenient, pray write me a few lines here.
  • Flush, lines to her dog, by Mrs Browning, 89-93.
  • Even in these few hours the lines about his mouth seemed less pronounced.
  • For the rest the ordinary mono. is practically on the same lines as the 1912.
  • The lines represent the roads, and the eight spots the castles of the emirs.
  • Just at that moment, however, there were new and very firm lines in her face.
  • Several were recaptured, and some probably reached the Union lines in safety.
  • Jeffrey on a donkey; Sydney Smith's lines on 281, 282.

How To Use Lines In A Sentence?

  • You would have guessed that the relation alluded to in the very first lines was in writing.
  • His office is run on dignified lines in keeping with the exalted sphere in which he practises.
  • Within a certain space their fancy revels, and then its lines are suddenly cut short.
  • I extract a few vivid lines in which Moore and his horse are brought before you.
  • Jessie, holding the lines firmly in either hand, shifted her position to look down on me.
  • It was very nearly dark, yet I could make out the lines of a smile upon his face.
  • There's forty or more of them perhaps who underwrote the lines on that silly ship of yours.
  • She had dressed herself carefully for the occasion in a black gown that followed closely the lines of her figure.
  • The use of condensers as pieces of apparatus and the problems presented by electrostatic capacity in lines are discussed in other chapters.
  • A lack of skill in preparing the wires for putting in the earth caused these early underground lines to be failures.
  • Her pale brown hair smoothed with buttermilk in flat waving lines on each side of her fair forehead.
  • Her tone dripped bitterness, and the lines of her pale lips settled into an expression of scornful resignation.
  • The customary way of connecting the lines always has been by means of flexible conductors fitted with plugs to be inserted in sockets.
  • This was followed in 1910, by a machine on monoplane lines with one fixed plane and two flapping wings.
  • It appeared to be a region of washerwomen, and lines were stretched about the little square, on which clothes were dangling to dry.
  • The westerly swell rolled its interminable angry lines of foam and big dark clouds flew over the ship in a sinister procession.
  • All lines are not long and when enclosed in cable or in well-insulated interior wire, may be only remotely in danger of being short-circuited.
  • Many of our readers will remember the exquisite lines in which Beranger paints the connection between our mortal lives and the stars of the sky.
  • No doubt multitudes so enlisted under the Confederate flag with full determination to desert to our lines at the first convenient opportunity.
  • In the distance diamond-peaked crystal mountains covered with white snow-fields, striped here and there by dark-green lines of pine forest.
  • To shoot at lines no more colorful than that, it seemed to me, would be like banging away at the horizon itself....
  • He was an artist of the mills, and had been trying to bring within the rigid lines that were required some of the grace and freedom of Nature.
  • All are on the lines of the above plan, differing only in minor details, such as the provision of a cabin amidships, etc., and in dimensions.
  • There were fish shops, cheap Italian restaurants, and the long lines of low houses vanished in crapulent night.
  • An hour silently passed, and as the fiery phantom faded into dawn and distance she sang sweetly the first few lines of an old French hymn.
  • I will send a few lines to that contemptible creature, Schindler, though I am most unwilling to have anything to do with such a wretch.
  • At the urging of one of his associates, Professor Morse consented to place his earliest telegraph lines on poles in the air.

Definition of Lines

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of line | plural of line | (film, theater) Words spoken by the actors.

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