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  • Then came the interest of the linguist and the literateur.
  • La Linguist List est-elle multilingue?
  • In fact, he's a linguist in his way.
  • He was an excellent linguist and a critical student of the Bible.
  • The linguist must not merely master grammar, but he must manage gutturals.
  • The Latin is a better linguist than his neighbor to the north.
  • His place was filled up by the young linguist who had put up at Mme.
  • He was the greatest linguist and traveller that England ever produced.
  • The greatest linguist of modern Europe, Mezzofanti, was a most inferior man.

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  • Nor could there have been a more suitable preparation for the great linguist and anthropologist.
  • Aside from his musical talent he is a remarkable linguist and speaks many languages fluently.
  • Such remarks from the man who became the first linguist of his day are well worth remembering.
  • As a linguist he does not shine; in fact, he is barely visible in a good light.
  • He was a linguist of rare attainments, specializing in the polyglot of southeastern Europe.
  • An accomplished linguist and an omnivorous reader, Dr. Scott was doubly useful.
  • She was evidently a good linguist and musician, for she taught music and the languages before she was sixteen.
  • Endowed with great facility in learning languages, he became known as the first linguist of the islands.
  • The linguist flung on his clothes and drove back at reckless speed to where there were lights and the noises of men and their machines.
  • He was besides a linguist of amazing facility, a pianist who invariably preferred as his audience his own two ears.
  • It gave me a vivid picture of what was going on in the Hague when this linguist of ours got really started to work.
  • Maxwell spoke for some minutes, pausing often for the linguist to explain his meaning, and again astonished Dane.
  • Good linguist though he was, however, Maseden failed to extract more than a glimmering of sense from her uncouth accents.
  • He was a linguist of remarkable powers, being able, at thirteen years of age, to boast that he knew as many languages as he had lived years.
  • She paid particular attention to the study of language and literature, and she is now a fluent linguist and a member of the Idier and German clubs.
  • The linguist said, "I think it answered my question as much as I want it answered.
  • The Linguist ignored the adieu completely; but the Satellite manfully backed up the father, and shook hands all round.
  • The difficulties besetting the path of the linguist can be in a measure obviated by the employment of the phonograph, by the aid of which the languages of our aborigines can be permanently perpetuated.
  • But the failure of the school to make a natural born linguist pass in a subject of technical mathematics is perhaps unfortunate only in the thing attempted and in the uselessness of the effort.
  • The linguist studies a language that he may use it as an instrument for the interchange of thought; the philologist studies a language to use its data in the construction of a philosophy of language.
  • A great feature in the fonda was Constantine, the hall-porter, a tall swarthy man, who was as fluent a linguist as an Alexandria dragoman.
  • It seemed not more strange to the Indian than to the linguist to spend an hour or so in meditating on a queer word that has lost its meaning amidst the surges of change.
  • Hannibal Evans Lloyd (1771-1847), a well-known linguist and translator, especially interested in works of travel and science.

Definition of Linguist

One who studies linguistics. | A person skilled in languages. | A human translator; an interpreter, especially in the armed forces.
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