Lionel In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lionel | Lionel Sentence

  • Lionel did as requested.
  • Lionel drew it from her finger.
  • Lionel caught the gesture.
  • Lionel determined to follow.
  • Lionel moved uneasily.
  • Lionel is very proud and impetuous.
  • Lionel was nowhere to be seen.
  • Lionel had gone there once too often.
  • Lionel bowed profoundly.
  • Lionel thought himself in luck.
  • Lionel breakfasted alone.
  • Lionel did not notice the blush.
  • Lionel fut surtout sauveteur.
  • Lionel felt really sorry for her.
  • Lionel bowed as gracefully as he could.
  • Lionel followed her through the stage-door.
  • Lionel could not repress a laugh.
  • Lionel raised a deprecating hand.
  • Lionel pulled himself together with an effort.
  • Lionel was almost proof against surprises.
  • Lionel cursed his stupidity in silence.
  • Lionel made a hasty gesture.
  • Lionel smiled and referred her to the ambassador.
  • Lionel made short work of that.
  • Lionel turned reverently away.
  • Lionel was not so foolish as to attempt consolation.
  • Lionel took it with a lazy gratitude.
  • Lionel felt empty of all wit and ideas.
  • Lionel shortened his stick and drove it upward.
  • Lionel leaned on her arm as they went downstairs.
  • Lionel made a noble gesture of dissent.
  • Lionel started; he had not expected this.
  • Lionel accepted the offer with all the pleasure possible.
  • Lionel took out the trunks and corded them in the passage.
  • Lionel chuckled, amused and grateful.

How To Use Lionel In A Sentence?

  • Lionel lifted the label and read the inscription aloud.
  • Lionel was too well-bred to interpose bourgeois objections.
  • Lionel made haste to remove his legs from the bench.
  • Lionel obeyed, and waited in some distress.
  • Lionel did not move, but his face darkened.
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