Lips In A Sentence

How To Use Lips In A Sentence?

  • The wrecker turned and his lips again moved as if to form for a signal whistle.
  • But the stream of thought which flows through the lips and is audible is called speech?
  • Harding put the cup with more tea to his lips again, and again he drank greedily.
  • After this the child set her lips firmly together, and asked no more questions.
  • He tried to articulate something, but his baked, blistered lips refused their office.
  • Also the inquisitiveness of the Editor had irritated him and had closed his lips in sheer disgust.
  • She was old, but modelled like a statue, and her lips were keen, severe, and something scornful.
  • I tried to utter a warning shout as I ran, but my stiffened lips gave forth no sound.
  • She was longing to ask about Madame Milano, but her lips were sealed by her own fault.
  • All that I know by heart, for I have heard it from your own lips twenty times before.
  • At that distance it was impossible to see the tightening of his lips and the steely flash in his blue eyes.
  • Every time he opened his lips there was sure to be a roar, and sometimes before he had time to speak.
  • The gray-green rays were brighter in the daylight than he had remembered them and her mocking lips were the colour of cherries.
  • His whole frame was trembling as he stood steadying himself by his horse; his lips were white as death.
  • She broke off hurriedly, wiping her lips as if the mere recital of the sordid facts had stained them with blood.
  • It seemed to him as if her eyes were brighter, her features more enchanting, her lips sweeter than ever they had been.
  • Her tone dripped bitterness, and the lines of her pale lips settled into an expression of scornful resignation.
  • Then the weapon fell from the hand of the odalisk, and the madly-distended eyes and lips resumed their languishing smile.
  • Helen's face was transformed, her eyes glowed, her lips were parted with eagerness.
  • But indeed, and in truth, the most singular trait of the presence beside me was that nothing falling from his lips surprised me.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lips | Lips Sentence

  • His lips did not relax.
  • And how her lips tremble!
  • Gray saw that his lips were wet.
  • Red lips and a round receding chin.
  • Her eyes closed and her lips trembled.
  • Her eyes were soft and her lips quivering.
  • So that I dare not ope my lips before you.
  • He raised her fingers to his lips without any protest from her.
  • Renouard's set lips moved.
  • There was a slight smile upon his lips and his eyes twinkled.
  • A smile curved her lips as she gazed at the quivering sunbeams.
  • Philippa's lips were drawn a little closer together.
  • He mistrusted every word that came from those lips on which his life hung.
  • His lips seemed to flutter, and he spoke with apprehensive agitation.
  • I lifted the pot of water to his lips again, and he thanked me courteously.
  • I whispered to Clara, and her lips parted to smile, but she looked not up.
  • But I could not tell, for his eyes were grave, and the lips at rest.
  • A peal of laughter fell from the bright red lips of Mary Byrd.
  • But Mr. Horton's thin lips parted in a wolfish smile.
  • Cloete's face feels as if it were set in plaster, lips and all.

Definition of Lips

to kiss, to smooch | plural of lip
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