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  • The debt was not finally liquidated until 1642.

How To Use Liquidated In A Sentence?

  • Thus the principal of your debts, at a careful computation, should be liquidated in seven years.
  • When they liquidated him he fervently hoped they would make this mistake and prove his point concerning their operations.
  • The word might be a little smoothed and liquidated in the text, and the original spelling retained in the margin.
  • Those debts which had weighed so on what she was pleased to call her conscience, would be liquidated once and for all, and in the future she would have plenty of money.
  • He wrote immediately to Mr. Harvey requesting him to send in his account of legal expenses, that it might be liquidated as soon as possible.
  • Thereafter Bennet liquidated his most pressing liabilities, and with the balance, still a considerable sum, set off in high spirits for Yorkshire.
  • But Marx had not quite liquidated the gambling fever that runs strong in the blood of any Chinese, be he ever so Communist.
  • She glared at Dorothy and screamed, "You thought you'd liquidated me, didn't you, my pretty?

Definition of Liquidated

Having undergone liquidation. | (law) Set; ascertained; made certain by operation of law. | simple past tense and past participle of liquidate
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