Listen And In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Listen And | Listen And Sentence

  • Listen and you will hear how wise they were.
  • Now listen and attend!
  • Now do listen and answer me.
  • When shall we listen and forgive?
  • They seemed to listen and to wait.
  • Listen and let me talk to you for your comfort.
  • Listen, and be enlightened.
  • You drop into a chair and listen and wonder.
  • Aponitolau did not listen, and he did not go.
  • It was left for me to listen and take heed.
  • But he did not listen, and went on.
  • I listen and understand how history is made.
  • We want some one to listen and sympathize.
  • Listen, and you shall hear.
  • Listen, and think of that as you go under.
  • Unconsciously he led the pupil to listen and imitate.
  • He understood that it was his place to listen and learn.
  • And she must listen and submit to his touch!
  • But listen, and listen intently.
  • But there are others who will listen, and be sorry for me.
  • Let us listen and meditate far from the tumult.
  • We could only listen, and weep.
  • Now listen, and obey me exactly.
  • But they would not listen, and began to fight again.
  • Jus' listen and you'll find out all about it!
  • I ceased to listen, and stared expectant.
  • And in many a shady basilica lingers to listen and pray.
  • They flock to his army; they listen and obey his words.
  • Listen and I will tell you why.
  • Listen and I will tell you.
  • Listen and I will tell you what it shall be.
  • Listen, and be patient while you listen....
  • Now listen and I will explain.
  • Listen and I shall tell you.
  • I listen, and think all this quiet life must be delightful.

How To Use Listen And In A Sentence?

  • Listen, and I will tell it to you.
  • He was there to look and listen, and, well, he did it.
  • Please, listen, and stop singing that silly song.
  • Listen, and I will tell you all.
  • Listen, and I will tell you of it.
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