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  • Absolutely no literary distinction.
  • A literary gent, I should think.
  • Its literary growth stopped with the reign of George III.
  • Most manuscripts by ardent literary volunteers are fairly legible.
  • Excellent, but does this apply to every kind of literary art?
  • In this way bad authors become the literary parents of worse authors.
  • No literary "generation" is composed of men actually of the same age.
  • Douglas Jerrold and a company of literary friends were out in the country.
  • Born in Boston, he spent most of his literary years in New York.

How To Use Literary In A Sentence?

  • His ambition for a thorough literary training was abandoned on account of poverty.
  • Overwork had so told upon him that he was unable to hold himself long to any literary project.
  • Goethe wrote nothing that is of much importance in the history of his literary life.
  • Proverbial expressions and familiar phrases of literary origin require no quotation marks.
  • He relieved the tedium of almost ceaseless toil by pleasant intercourse with literary men.
  • For the titles of literary works, scholarly usage prefers italics with capitalized initials.
  • They have a literary institute, a drum and fife band, hold swimming classes, etc.
  • These are still to be got in the Literary department, in the north-east gallery of the building.
  • In respect of his literary efforts, as of his military achievements, Moltke was singularly modest.
  • It marks the culmination of the renaissance in the literary art of Germany and perhaps of Europe.
  • The guests were for the most part literary folk, to whom Mills wanted to display his Egeria.
  • This conception was intimately connected with that of the origin of individual literary compositions.
  • The figure here is carefully carried through and gives a clear, simplified picture of his literary life.
  • Four days after he had finished his literary labor of love, he died of the disease which had been the burden of his last days.
  • I felt the airs of heaven playing about it, and fancied it already encircled by a halo of literary glory.
  • Finding me very curious about literary life and literary characters, he took much pains to gratify my curiosity.
  • But he had a literary side, and he had revealed some of it to Anne in the days before he had been too busy.
  • It would not bear searching literary criticism; fortunately, no one has been so ungracious as to apply it.
  • The only literary newspaper in the Antipodes could not ignore the fashionable philosopher of the age.
  • They are not at all literary in their tastes, though they are known to eat through bales of books, should they be placed in the way of their runs.
  • Lastly, there was a select band of press correspondents, who threw periodical literary light on our proceedings from start to finish.
  • Apart from all other considerations, however, the careless, thoroughly untrained literary style appears to me an unconquerable obstacle.
  • It had however changed the tone of its literary criticism from the time when a certain letter was written to the editor by Coleridge.
  • His head seemed like splitting, and his monetary difficulty, united with his literary difficulties, produced a momentary insanity.
  • He was a literary man, had lived much in the metropolis, and had acquired a great deal of curious, though unprofitable knowledge concerning it.
  • It is chiefly to artists that his house is open, though he gives the literary hallmark to the legacy of memories he will leave to the Quarter.
  • However, both hexameter or distich and sonnet have become, in Germany, pure literary forms of composition.
  • She had decided literary ambition also, and wrote plays, poems, and short stories at an age when other children are usually engaged in pastimes.
  • Here my companion made a pause, and I waited in anxious suspense; hoping to have a whole volume of literary life unfolded to me.
  • I was anxious to give my testimony to the merits of Pepys as an Admiralty official, leaving his literary merits to you.
  • I was at great pains to give my philosophical, political, and social matter the best literary and critical backing we could get in London.

Definition of Literary

Relating to literature. | Relating to writers, or the profession of literature. | Knowledgeable of literature or writing.
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