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  • Now it is about literature that we are speaking.
  • We suppress our own literature there.
  • Their literature is replete with references to both.
  • There is no scene in modern literature to match it.
  • In Latin literature it is almost entirely unknown.
  • The strongest conservative factor of a literature is the language.
  • The literature relating to the cotton industry is enormous.
  • The literature of the period yields nothing of interest again for some time.
  • The expansive element which creates literature is steadily denied.
  • Is there in all literature anything finer, grander, more nobly conceived?
  • These are found far earlier already in the written literature of Egypt.
  • Greek Literature R. C. JEBB.

How To Use Literature In A Sentence?

  • He has read a great deal; he is covered with literature like a rock with moss and lichen.
  • They represent merely the literature of unrest which has been openly circulated in India.
  • The literature of antiquity and the literature of France offered types of fixed national units.
  • Born for the library, he prefers the camp, and abandons literature to fight the Turks.
  • Almost as soon as America began to have any literature at all it had good Short-stories.
  • But in the criticism or interpretation of literature the writer should be careful to avoid dropping into summary.
  • The scientific literature of four different nations has monographs on almost every known species of beasts and birds.
  • In the literature of the subject there are no figures more recent than 1893 for most of the European countries.
  • It is always a boon to historical literature when a man of learning and industry devotes himself to a monograph of any particular person or period.
  • If literature and occupation with letters were not its own reward, truly they who seem to succeed might envy those who fail.
  • His father was a quarryman, and the future poet followed the same calling till his love for literature became too strong for him.
  • I believe it is pretty generally agreed today that any well-defined period of literature is merely the reflection of some great economic change.
  • Not to reach the moderate competence in literature is, for a professional man of letters of all work, something like failure.
  • We must recognize at present that the importation of revolutionary literature into India is the sheet-anchor of the party.
  • You may, if you choose, silence the admission of this in literature and current discussion; you will not prevent it working out in lives.
  • Agriculture was the Saxon's calling, and he made literature a mirror of the life he led.
  • And that that is actually the case Virchow may easily convince himself if he looks over the recent literature of zoology and botany!
  • The aim of one who would interpret literature to others, by means of the speaking voice, should be first to assimilate its spirit.
  • On the whole, modern German literature has probably a richer field from which to choose her material than any other literature can boast of.
  • The periodical literature is of good quality and much of it is filed in the Patent Office library.
  • There is a literature in Germany on that subject, too, and the penal records of the military and civil courts comprise the bulk of it.
  • Cicero, as statesman, does; but the question had doubtless come to him first out of the literature of the Academy which he was wont to read.
  • We alone have attempted to educate them in our own literature and science and to make them by education the intellectual partners of the civilization that subdued them.
  • German war literature affords a complete picture of the transformation of German contempt for the British army into profound respect.
  • It tamed their lives, elevated the status of women, established the Christian family, and gave them the literature of the devotional life.
  • In all the foregoing discussion of the prevailingly conservative forces in the development of literature we have seen that none of these forces has a completely restraining effect.
  • It is not only in regard to the introduction of poisonous literature or of weapons into India that the activity of these organizations deserves to be closely and continuously watched.
  • He took despairing or satirical views of literature at this moment; recounted the incredible sums paid in one year by the great booksellers for puffing.

Definition of Literature

The body of all written works. | The collected creative writing of a nation, people, group, or culture. | All the papers, treatises, etc. published in academic journals on a particular subject.
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