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  • The textual history of this liturgy is interesting.
  • A similar liturgy is Ni.
  • A parallel passage occurs in the liturgy to Dungi, BE.
  • England's sublime liturgy had commenced.
  • As the earliest literature is poetry, the earliest liturgy is musical.
  • IDELSOHN, A. Z. Jewish liturgy and its development.
  • In fact one liturgy actually names Ninlil as the goddess of Kes, SBP.

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  • If he has little taste for liturgy he is wanting in the fulness of his vocation.
  • In any case the liturgy which we are about to discuss had some special name for the goddess here.
  • He was as ready as others to use the arts of the theatre for the liturgy of patriots.
  • Extreme Protestants rallied round this ideal of a liturgy purified of human tradition.
  • The liturgy was, therefore, extremely long, attaining to a content of about 500 lines.
  • Again, there are words in our Liturgy which I have no doubt are commonly misunderstood.
  • Remarks on the Proposed Changes in the Liturgy and Confirmation Service, 1827.
  • Speculation concerning the number of songs in the entire liturgy is limited to the number of about 11-13.
  • Here again we are able to produce at least half of the great liturgy into which the old service issued.
  • From this point onward the language of the liturgy presents such difficulty that the writer has been unable to offer a translation.
  • It would be incongruous that our ancient hierarchy robed in ancient vestments should perform our ancient liturgy in a moderne language.
  • So also in this remarkable liturgy the deified son of the great gods lives among men, becomes their patron and divine companion.
  • The introduction of a long passage to the moon-god in the weeping mother melody of an Enlil liturgy is unusual.
  • On pages 309-310 will be found a fragment, part of an ancient liturgy to Enlil of the compiled type.
  • This temple can hardly be the one which forms the subject of the liturgy on the Ashmolean Prism.
  • A Liturgy and an illuminated medieval copy of the Gospels, of which they are very proud, are their only treasures.
  • In the mystic incense of the liturgy to Aphrodite was what prelates and patricians, the people and the planet long had needed, a doctrine of love.
  • That the minister be not bound to read the Liturgy himself, if another, by whomsoever, be procured to do it; so be it he preach not against it.
  • But the great doctrines laid down in her Articles and Liturgy have no place in their hearts, and no influence on their lives.
  • An established Church with a Liturgy is a sufficient solution of the problem 'de jure magistratus'.
  • The language of our liturgy has descended to us as a precious legacy from the time when Peter and Paul preached in Rome.
  • He told me, austerely enough, that the mind of the Church was embodied in her Liturgy and Articles.
  • For a liturgy of the completed composite type in the Tammuz cult, see RADAU, BE.
  • In saying that the discipline and Liturgy of the English church was copied from that of the church of Rome, the case was unfairly stated.
  • Very early it was incorporated in the liturgy of the eucharist, continuing an ageless form of the praise of God from the old dispensation into the new.
  • John the Precentor, who introduced the Roman liturgy into this country, bequeathed a number of valuable books to Wearmouth.

Definition of Liturgy

A predetermined or prescribed set of rituals that are performed, usually by a religion. | An official worship service of the Christian church. | (historical) In Ancient Greece, a form of personal service to the state.
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