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  • Live a heavenly life.
  • He will still live a few years.
  • Indeed you live a strange life.
  • It is necessary to live a real life.
  • He will live a very simple and honorable life.
  • They may live a long time.
  • To live a coward in mine own esteem!
  • Will you death that she may live a maid?
  • But she could not live a double life.
  • I mean to live a religious life.
  • Pity he did not live a hundred years later.
  • If ever there did live a saint on earth!
  • Will they live a day in the fogs we know of?
  • Cripples do sometimes live a long time.
  • Yet must she live a virgin all her days.
  • Wilt thou live a voluptuous life?
  • She preferred to die a saint than live a princess.
  • I need each moment to live a holy life.
  • No one can live a second time on earth.
  • Without that power no man would live a month.
  • You say you would like to live a western life.
  • But men live a lot in a small space in war.
  • A human being has a life to live, a career to run.
  • Ah! if the poor plant would only live a few days longer!
  • It seems to live a cadenced life....
  • With Balder not to live a day!
  • He may live a week, he may live six months.
  • She did not, however, live a life of entire seclusion.
  • They live a little way out of Cavendish.
  • Ah, poor critter, she ded live a life!
  • And I must live a man forgot.
  • If I could only live a single day like that!
  • However, without labor, man could scarcely live a day.
  • No one could live a busier life than Mother.
  • It's a nice way for girls to live, a lot of 'em together.

How To Use Live A In A Sentence?

  • I feel that I shall not live a long while....
  • Here, with my daughter, I live a very secluded life.
  • They live a long way up, the Ancestors!...
  • Now shall I live a ministrant of gods and slave to Cybebe?
  • She shall be, if I live, a Doxy.
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