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  • It would be hard to live down this thing.
  • Used to live down east of Syracuse?
  • How a child wishes To live down there!
  • I live down in the village and I am on a hike.
  • And as for your coming to live down here, it's absurd.
  • It was impossible to live down this unpleasant impression for a day or two.
  • We shall teach you rats, who live down here in holes, a lesson.
  • He wanted to live down among men, he said, and the rougher the better.

How To Use Live Down In A Sentence?

  • Well, I shall let him live down there somehow, and see what can be done with him.
  • We could not bear to live down in the village any more, now that the days opened large and spacious and the evenings drew out in sunshine.
  • In his excellent physical and mental health his first impulse was to defy the voice of conscience, and to live down the deed he had committed.
  • He would rather remain, he said, and live down his disgrace, than have it follow him as it was sure to do.
  • I wish, though, that some one would marry me, and bring me to live down here in these dear old solemn marshes.
  • To look at Sam's hopeful face, he meant to do it, and to live down the scandal.
  • It was too bad; nearly everybody regretted it, for it took a girl a long time to live down a thing like that in Shelbyville.
  • I can't seem to live down the fact that I was born in the shadow of Independence Hall.
  • He was beginning to live down the objections to his illegitimate birth and Toryism and by his entertainments and manner of living was creating a social following.
  • No one, not even Washington himself, could live down the reputation of a goody-goody prig with which the officious Scotch divine smothered him.
  • He was opposed to all resistance to the governing power, and thought it possible, by patience and righteousness, to live down all this horrible persecution.
  • A Dean Swift sees one race of people smaller, and another race of people larger than the race of people that live down his own streets.
  • I live down on the Coldstream, on the line of the old Prairie Southern, which you acquired a couple of years ago.
  • He seems to think it quite natural that you should live down here at this cottage, year in and year out, like a toad in a hole; with no more life or society.

Definition of Live Down

To live so as to subdue or refute. | To get used to something shameful.
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