Lived There In A Sentence

How To Use Lived There In A Sentence?

  • Teague, the guide, lived there.
  • Formerly many natives lived there, now very few remain.
  • A laboring man lived there with his wife and six children.
  • He left home at the age of six and never lived there again.
  • I lived there several years, and know something about it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lived There | Lived There Sentence

  • And you once lived there?
  • I lived there myself.
  • He almost lived there.
  • Gray realised it because he lived there himself.
  • Stewart lived there until 1971.
  • Many bears lived there.
  • They lived there that winter.
  • They proved that some one had lived there.
  • Nobody has lived there for most thirty years.
  • She lived there with a maid-servant.
  • An old fairy lived there.
  • Four or five millionnaires lived there.
  • I also lived there about a year.
  • She has lived there for forty years.
  • I knowed a woman who lived there once.
  • Some of us lived there right on.
  • Not a mouse could have lived there.
  • He lived there the remainder of his life.
  • It does not matter how many years you have lived there.
  • He has lived there upwards of thirty years.
  • Nothing in the world could possibly have lived there.
  • I lived there two or three years.
  • Lived there five-and-twenty years.
  • She passed by without remembering who lived there.
  • They have not lived there much for some time past.
  • You see there were years in which no one lived there.
  • They had always lived there, and were used to it.
  • He recollected that a well-known lawyer lived there.
  • They lived there in the bush like so many hyenas.
  • Her father comes from upstate and his folks lived there.
  • Dearest went to see a poor woman who lived there.
  • Nothing lived there but dead silence on earth and in air.
  • They lived there: we were soon to leave.
  • It is a spot that any one who lived there must have loved.
  • She was born there, and lived there till she was married.
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