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  • They think they already have all the load they want to carry in the fall campaign.
  • How must a driver help his horses when they are pulling a heavy load up or down a hill?
  • When shearing was in full swing, a couple of freighters came for a load of wood.
  • Once its load of bombs has been discharged, it can rise to 7,000 feet to escape from its pursuers.
  • The resolution, thus suddenly aroused within me, heaved a load from off my heart.
  • They used some lumber from a load the freighter had and walled up a grave for Olaf.
  • The cook was busy, but signified, after a hasty inspection, that our load was all right.
  • From Apia he carried several relief agents and a load of trade goods to the Gilberts.
  • With a sufficient escort he succeeded in conveying a load of ammunition to the point where it was needed.
  • Those whose souls are burdened with desire that may not be gratified had better fling the load aside.
  • It removed from her mind the portion of its load which was endured on his behalf; for the young hero was safe.
  • As if on purpose, at the very same moment a load of hay was going in, and it completely screened him.
  • His system is not cast in a poetic form, but neither has all this load of logic extinguished in him the feeling of poetry.
  • Wenzinger, perceiving that his arquebusiers had no time to load again, immediately ordered his lanzknechts to advance.
  • In the distance he remarked the load of furniture, and resolved to call before a rival could step in and get their custom.
  • James then said he meant to go to the barn and get his horse-cart, and haul a load of sand to market.
  • We helped him to load the carcass of the deer on the back of his donkey, and saw him move off lazily towards home.
  • He did not feel himself tired now, notwithstanding his weakness, and the load which had lain upon his heart seemed to be gone.
  • A load was off my heart when the dog came bounding to my side, none the worse for his brief encounter with an unarmed cowboy.
  • The gold that had drawn us into the game was there in the same long, buckskin sacks, a load for one horse.
  • If Holtzmann were to come in now and tell me the other man has won, what a load he would take off my mind!
  • It was a spiritual swoon which Heaven sends us when the load of pain becomes greater than we can bear.
  • He ran down with it to the shore of the stream, where there were plenty of stones lying, intending to load it up, and try it.
  • Neither the last load of ruddy corn, nor the actual netting of the partridge gladden his heart as do the first signs of the dying year.
  • A detail of prisoners, under guard, was made to load the wagons, and a herd of beef cattle was driven down.
  • He did not know that the Blakes never let the poor fellow load his old gun with anything but powder.
  • Whoever attempts that mighty theme, the civil war, for instance, will sink under the load unless he is saturated with literature.
  • The emptied wagon, its load scattered on the ground, stood deserted on the hillside, and the mules drooped in the heat.
  • She walked slowly on account of the hill, gasping for air, the weekly load of meat and groceries clutched in her powerful arms.
  • We stood there waiting, and the cage had reached the surface and automatically dumped its load before Rutledge spoke again.
  • She staggers beneath a load of impedimenta belonging to her princely father: bags, bundles, and a heavy cloak.
  • It was haymaking season, and, as ill luck would have it, immediately opposite the cottage was a little alehouse with the sign of the load of hay.
  • I expect his next load will be bull-frogs, if I don't soon issue orders to the contrary.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Load | Load Sentence

  • A load appeared to be lifted from him.
  • He looked as if a load had dropped from his shoulders.
  • Of course not, if the load is too heavy.
  • His visit had left a heavy load on his heart.
  • Less than one-fourth of my load yet remained unsold.
  • Her heart was eased of a load that had made it heavy for many a day.
  • Everything became clear, and the load fell off his shoulders.

Definition of Load

(transitive) To put a load on or in (a means of conveyance or a place of storage). | (transitive) To place in or on a conveyance or a place of storage. | (intransitive) To put a load on something.
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