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  • The one word a religious man loathes above all others!
  • He has had it for a good many years and he loathes to leave it.
  • They fought "because each place loathes the gods of its neighbours".
  • He loathes above all loathely creatures, Linton, his own son by Isabella.

How To Use Loathes In A Sentence?

  • A man who will not go because a woman loathes him will certainly not leave her for a hint.
  • And why have you brought this pale girl here, when she loathes me as an incarnate fiend?
  • He loathes his former pleasures; he rejects The daily homage of his ministers.
  • That is partly why Heathcliff, who is no sensualist, hates and loathes Isabella and her body.
  • But reconciliation is impossible; her heart yearns after it and recoils from it, loves and loathes at the same moment.
  • In your heart you know that Karen must not be bound till death to this man she loathes and dreads and will never see again.
  • Just think of this thing going on the whole day long, and I a man who loathes details with all his heart!
  • You have not even the satisfaction of knowing how you are torturing him and how he loathes you; and you give yourself unnecessary pains to annoy him with furtive tricks and spiteful doing of forbidden things.

Definition of Loathes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of loathe
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