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  • The little lobby was empty.
  • Entering this, we were in a sort of lobby or hall.
  • Yet, here they were in the Lobby with him.
  • He looked over his shoulder towards the lobby before replying.
  • Shepley had raised his voice, and all in the lobby could hear.
  • We were a daft-like lot in that long lobby in a wan candle-light.
  • Prale whirled away, going through the lobby toward the entrance.
  • The men were snoring; the dogs shut up in the lobby whined gently.
  • I saw Mr. Shepley sitting in the lobby and went up and spoke to him.
  • So I arranged to meet Penton privately in the lobby of the Martinique.
  • CHAPLIN had only looked, and had drawn them into the same Lobby as himself.
  • If offer is still open, meet me in the lobby at 6 o'clock Friday night.

How To Use Lobby In A Sentence?

  • You take the stairs to the lobby and no one looks at you as they jostle past you.
  • In the hotel lobby he invested in a leather bag with a good lock, in which to put them.
  • We passed through a lobby and entered the great library, which was cold and gray as a tomb.
  • The offensive object would have been out of place, at nightfall, in the lobby of any house.
  • The lobby was full, and rather dirty, since the supply of spittoons was so far behind the demand.
  • He soon became a familiar figure around the hotel lobby and the corridors of the Capitol.
  • I could not help hearing the ring of that word in the lobby as I sat outside last night.
  • Will you meet me in the lobby of the Rice Hotel a week from today at one in the afternoon.
  • Ramon went down to the lobby and roamed all over the two floors which constituted the public part of the hotel.
  • Nearly carried him into division lobby shoulder high; beat hasty retreat after doing this last service to his country.
  • The small space behind the public lobby sufficed for the stamping, sorting, and other necessary duties.
  • Had he dropped it in the hotel lobby during his short quarrel with Shepley, while he was shaking the man?
  • Prale lounged about the lobby for a time, and Murk made himself as inconspicuous as possible in a corner.
  • The telephone booths were located in the lobby of the hotel, and Sam was quickly shown to one of them.
  • Nor need he have learned much of them then; for he had only to cross the lobby of the east wing, and was in view of the hall barely three seconds.
  • We were now in a bare and roomy lobby behind the shop, but separated therefrom by an iron curtain, the very sight of which filled me with despair.
  • But O-liver still talked to admiring circles in the hotel lobby or to greater crowds in the town hall.
  • Years afterward the scene came back to me when I met with a showy painting in the resonant new lobby of one of the greater hotels.
  • Tuesday evening the crowd, that grows larger as the session nears its close, filled the lobby of the Leland.
  • We planned two central rooms, sixteen feet by sixteen, with a five feet wide lobby between, so that other rooms could be added when required.
  • The lobby was small, there was an automatic elevator, and no hall boy was on duty, that Farland could see.
  • When he opened the door of Suite F. its tiny lobby was in darkness, but the lights in the sitting-room were switched on.
  • The entrance to the hotel and the lobby had been big, but the room was enormous, spacious, and very tastefully furnished, European style.
  • With a roar and a display of teeth and steel the MacNicolls came into the lobby from the crowded stair, and we were driven to the far parlour end.
  • The detective watched him go up in the elevator, and then he turned back to the cigar stand in the lobby and purchased more of the black cigars he loved.
  • Each night after a careful toilet he took his stand in the lobby watching with calculating eye and impassive face the stream of people rushing by his door.
  • With this end in view, an active lobby was maintained at Washington for the purpose of influencing public opinion in favor of the Panama route.
  • Quartering what remained of his capital by the costly Pasadena call, Peter resorted to the telegraph stand, and waited in the lobby for an answer.

Definition of Lobby

(intransitive, transitive) To attempt to influence (a public official or decision-maker) in favor of a specific opinion or cause. | (informal) scouse (from lobscouse)
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