Locality In A Sentence

How To Use Locality In A Sentence?

  • At that time and in that locality he was quite anxious that she should not discover him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Locality | Locality Sentence

  • Its locality is unknown.
  • He knew the locality at once.
  • Apparently the same locality as 4.
  • I know the locality now.
  • The locality had an unfavorable reputation.
  • The locality is not known with certainty.
  • Those who know only one locality cannot do this.
  • The locality is purely imaginary.
  • It gives them at once locality and circumstance.
  • But the locality was remarkably healthy.
  • All sense of locality was lost.
  • The locality had a definite importance.
  • Shows probably the locality where the statue was excavated.
  • The locality was a wild and lonely one.
  • Its sense of direction and locality is very acute.
  • Viaduct is a favourite locality for bicycle shops.
  • I cannot state that the locality is an attractive one.
  • I do not find this locality mentioned elsewhere.
  • The locality in question is by no means picturesque.
  • This passion for locality was always at his elbow.
  • This locality was like the innermost circle of hell.
  • The rock at this locality is a grey mud limestone.
  • Its absence from so promising a locality seemed strange.
  • The locality has ever since been a centre of exchange.
  • This mining locality is sunk in the deepest degradation.
  • They said the locality was a favourite haunt of witches.
  • Small wooden ladle; locality not known.
  • I posted to last named locality on the 18th ult.
  • Sweet name for a locality unsavory beyond credence! ...
  • A locality on the borders of the province Tabasco.
  • Its precise locality I am unacquainted with.
  • This Stygian locality has brought forth many legends.
  • The locality was in the Highlands of Scotland.
  • The locality was called Bunker Hill.
  • New locality records of reptiles in New Mexico.
  • Specialization brings out the best that there is in the locality and the man.
  • These questions are generally controlled by the locality and circumstances.
  • In any locality plant the species which belong to that locality.
  • The battleship was drifting and the locality was full of mines.

Definition of Locality

The fact or quality of having a position in space. | The features or surroundings of a particular place. | (uncountable, mathematics, computing) The condition of being local.
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