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Definition of Locate

(transitive) To place; to set in a particular spot or position. | (transitive) To find out where something is located. | (transitive) To designate the site or place of; to define the limits of (Note: the designation may be purely descriptive: it need not be prescriptive.)

How To Use Locate In A Sentence?

  • They picked out some landmarks by which they could readily locate the line again.
  • If there are any of them near us, we might see the smoke from their fires and locate them.
  • It was not easy to locate her, for Clarke had proceeded with caution in Boston.
  • As that officer said, they'll have to depend on the aircraft to locate the gun, I'm thinking.
  • They locate China north of the Malucos in the gulf Magnus, just as Ptolemaeus locates it.
  • From such a position it is not difficult to locate the crowing of the moorbirds as they answer each other across the heather.
  • There never yet was any stethoscope invented that could successfully locate consumption of the affections.
  • Having found the spring, it was easy to locate the spot in the snowbank where the oysters had been cached.
  • In our navigation the only thing necessary is to see the distance in dispute, and we will locate on it anything else they wish.
  • Whether they will be interested in them after their experience in England in failing to locate quarts is another matter.
  • I fancy, from their appearance, that they will enable us to locate the house without much difficulty.
  • And when you do locate 'em maybe you've got a long piece to travel before you come up with 'em.
  • We must know something of direction in order to conveniently locate the streets, buildings and physiographical features near our home.
  • Until a short time ago it was customary to locate electric power-houses near the market, that is, in cities.
  • They send them up to see across their front, and if they locate a working party, then they start playing a tune with their machine guns.
  • Intently Charley studied the smoke pillar, trying to locate it exactly and to estimate the extent of the blaze.
  • Harry's orders were to locate Poindexter, but keep in touch with the column as much as possible.
  • It was hard work climbing up the rocky hillside, and it did not seem such an easy matter to locate the cave as Esther had expected.
  • Not a Hun had been sighted, and one aviator went up nearly four miles in an endeavor to locate a hostile craft.
  • Thus, he thinks he has the right to locate on your land (according to law, mind you), because he believes your title has been rejected.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Locate | Locate Sentence

  • Consumed with anxiety to locate the owner.
  • We can pretend to locate the stuff.
  • They will roll you before you can locate a rescue mission.
  • The enemy had sent an aeroplane to locate them.
  • The doctor was not quite able to locate the place yet.
  • He went on, trying to locate the other end of the fire.
  • If the papers we hid is any good, me to locate the ledge.
  • Here it became necessary to locate Mr. Bevans again.
  • Trent's job was to locate it.
  • You'll have to ride around till you locate it.
  • And then began an organized campaign to locate the monster cannon.
  • I shan't tell you anything that will help you locate him.
  • In the meantime our present work must be to endeavor to locate their cache.
  • It was stunned, and stood blinking as if trying to locate the danger.
  • He looked upward, to locate this unusual condiment to his provision.
  • If you locate a copy you'll know why we say you aren't missing a thing.
  • During the night the couriers sent out to locate Shaffer reported.
  • I don't know if I could locate it again in the fog.
  • Briefly Mr. King told of the chase he had made to locate Mr. Dale.
  • If you locate it they calculate you'll get busy unloading to find the liquor.
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