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  • Its location in itself is deeply interesting.
  • Location in lbs.
  • By these definitions location in elements of instantaneous spaces is defined.
  • Dan had chosen a location in a State where desertion was a sufficient cause.

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  • Now he knew what street he was on and its location in respect to two other streets.
  • Accordingly location in an instantaneous space is the primary idea which we have to explain.
  • This prevented any bitterness or resentment from finding permanent location in his nature.
  • If an element of chance entered into the location in the valleys of Utah, it was akin to wisdom.
  • Each place-name is followed by its location in degrees and minutes of latitude and longitude, respectively.
  • Its location, in the largest manufacturing city of the country, is an advantage of no ordinary importance.
  • Also location in the timeless space of some time-system is a relation derivative from location in instantaneous spaces of the same time-system.
  • In this sense we can talk of the existence of an object at an instant, meaning thereby its location in some definite moment.
  • The size of each family determined his position spatially, and family continuity fixed a definite location in time for him.
  • She owes it to her fine location, in the heart of a broad valley, where the roads from south and east meet.
  • A truly continuous creation could be bound by no programme; by definition it could have neither date in time nor location in space.
  • Like the other members of this genus, these build their nests in any location in trees or bushes, making them of twigs, weeds and moss.
  • The committee had fixed upon a tolerably good location in a field near the river, but this knoll was in sight, and we were tempted to go to it.
  • Having reached an eligible location in an open space, the bronchos at once began a series of evolutions so interesting that the train was brought to a halt.
  • The houses of the village, as a result of long neglect, had become as objectionable from a sanitary point of view as the location in which they stood.
  • Arriving at the general point where the imaginary line ran, they branched off at right angles and walked the necessary distance to bring them to a location in line with the Green farm.
  • The selection of this remote location in the Jornada del Muerto Valley for the Trinity test was from an initial list of eight possible test sites.
  • When they were accorded their freedom about the year 1865, they chose their permanent location in the Oak Hill neighborhood, about fifteen miles eastward.
  • A variety block of filberts was set out that year and fifty one-year-old Persian walnut seedlings (Carpathian strain) were planted in a nursery row, and in permanent location in 1937.
  • Bill, of course, did not know the exact location in Big Cypress of Martinengo's gold diggings, but here Osceola's uncanny bump of direction came into play once more.
  • In the meantime, his father had not been idle, he had lost no time in carrying out his plans, and shortly after making his "location" in the manner described, he had several men engaged in different employments at his place.
  • The purchase of the shedder crabs was gone into carefully, and having questioned the bait-seller as to the best location in the inlet, the detective again got into the machine and was driven to the office of the late Horace Carwell.
  • This witness has heard it said that the king sent him to Tolobaran, and to all the other rivers as far as Saragua, in order to look for a good location in which to settle with all his people in a strong and well-provisioned place; and he has not returned.
  • A good early swarm in any situation at all favorable, will fill, the first season, a hive that holds a bushel: and if there is any location in which they cannot do this, a doubled swarm should be put into the hive, or bee-keeping may, as far as profit is concerned, be abandoned.
  • The mosque is likewise called the Alabaster Mosque, as the columns are built of yellow alabaster and the walls encrusted with it; its location in the citadel gives it a commanding position, and, being modern, it has escaped the ravages of time.
  • We have in what has thus far been given a satisfactory explanation of the meaning and use of the lines of numerals and also of their relation to the day columns, but we still fall short of a complete interpretation, inasmuch as we are unable to give the series a definite location in the Maya calendar or in actual time.
  • The Ptolemaists, who believed in the diurnal revolution of the spheres, assigned to the stars a very subordinate place in their cosmology, which was the one adopted by Milton; and although Copernicus relegated them to their proper location in space, yet he had no clear conception of a universe of stars.
  • The members of the American Gun Foundry Board visited these works in 1883, and give the following in their report: The most important steel works in France are situated at Le Creusot, and bear the name of the location in which they are situated.
  • I have no doubt that with ten strong stocks of bees in a good location, in one favorable season, I could so increase them as to have, on the approach of Winter, one hundred good colonies: but I should expect to feed hundreds of pounds of honey, to devote nearly all my time to their management, and to bring to the work, the experience of many years, and the wisdom acquired by numerous failures.
  • Professor Holmes's theory of the evolution of the cross from the alligator and its location in Chiriqui is opposed to that of Professor Goodyear, who, in his "Grammar of the Lotus," ascribes the origin of the cross to the lotus and locates it in Egypt.
  • If, then, as these and other results to be described point to the chromosomes as the bearers of the Mendelian factors, and if, as will be shown presently, these factors have a definite location in the chromosomes
  • The conclusion on this point depends largely upon the conclusion as regards the system, as it is evident their location in time--if the year of 365 days and the four series of years formed the basis of the system--would not correspond with their position in a system based upon the year of 360 days, in which the four year series does not play any necessary part.
  • If the above considerations are granted, it then becomes necessary to decide as to the best location in which to establish such advanced headquarters, or what might be called an advance branch war council at the front--that is, an advanced branch upon whose advice and decisions the War Council itself largely depends.
  • It had not yet got formally organized--the audacious little strutling!--before it had made a cool proposition to the handful of Pilgrim churches then existing in Southern California for the creation of a college; secured the location in its own town; itself appointed the first board of trust; and named it Pomona College.
  • their "judiciously selected location" in "a permanent village," involving protection from exposure to the seasons on the one hand, and the abandonment of nomade habits on the other.
  • The common-law lawyers, after their location in the Temple, continued rapidly to increase, and between the reigns of Richard the Second and Henry the Sixth, they divided themselves into two bodies. "
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