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How To Use Lock In A Sentence?

  • The proceedings of those young gentlemen were such that we were obliged to lock them up.
  • Raskolnikoff was able to insert the key in the lock without the least difficulty.
  • Nancy was relieved to hear her key in the lock again, and put down her work to greet her.
  • Like the snow-white lock waving back from her forehead, it intensified the youth in her face.
  • We heard him shut the door of the house and, in the fear of pursuit, hurriedly lock it.
  • He went through the door, and Jimmy heard the key turn in the lock on the outside.
  • And Joe lost nothing but a lock of hair, which he could spare better then than he could now.
  • Fact is, the Latin tongue acted as a lock upon the Scriptures to the common people.
  • Keith felt his jaws lock as he thought of the same man on the other side of a long table sneering at him.
  • He saw that all locks on the turnbuckles were fastened, and that the locks had lock washers beneath them.
  • At seven o'clock he put on his cap and started to lock up to go in quest of his missing comrade.
  • There ain't been a lock on a door in four hundred miles of this country in the last twenty years.
  • The occupant might lock the door communicating with the adjoining chamber, and go and come by the other as he pleased.
  • I caught in the silence the click of the lock of his gun, and that slight noise threw me into a tremor of apprehension.
  • As the act was mechanical, her thoughts being otherwise engaged, she did not notice that the lock failed to click.
  • She shook a straying lock of hair from her eyes, and took another turn of the cord around her wrist.
  • Is the lock on the gate of heaven a common padlock, or like the cunning contrivances which are nowadays employed in safety vaults?
  • How they lived was a mystery, except to people who kept fowls, or forgot to lock their doors at night.
  • In one the core is made from a double strand of strong lock stitch twine, over which is placed a linen braid.
  • The metal terminal at the top of the carbon block is of bronze, both it and the lock nuts and bolts being nickel-plated to minimize corrosion.
  • She was wearing black, and beneath the white lock in her dark hair, her face was flushed with the colour of happiness.
  • I was vocalizing them very loud, and had made out already the first position, when a rattle of the closet lock turned me all over cold.
  • Dick turned the rusty key in the lock deliberately, and put it in his pocket, thus closing them into the little musty room which had no other exit.
  • What a delicious jumble!" cried Rosamond, springing up to adjust a lock that had fallen.
  • It grew dark, and then steps came outside the door, and a fumbling with the lock which made Ida nervous.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lock | Lock Sentence

  • I put the lock on myself.
  • Can shoot the lock to pieces.
  • They have to kill mad people or lock them up.
  • The key turning in the lock interrupted the conversation.
  • After breakfast we worked till noon under lock and key.
  • Her hair was down and the grayest lock of all showed plainly.
  • Just as the flames commenced to flush her cheeks the lock clicked.
  • The characteristic sound of a key worrying in the lock stole into my ears.
  • If any of the prisoners hang back, lock them up or shoot them.
  • Taking up a heavy stone, he proceeded to smash the lock on the chain.
  • He boggled at the lock for a minute or two, but at last admitted himself.
  • It should fight for them, lock them safe in the inmost chamber of its mind.
  • It opened the door of his cell, as well as the lock of the prison door.
  • You'll lock them up in the strong room and post guards outside.
  • Lloyd saw Boyce's excitement as he put the key into the lock and turned it.

Definition of Lock

(intransitive) To become fastened in place. | (transitive) To fasten with a lock. | (intransitive) To be capable of becoming fastened in place.
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