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  • The locusts began to sing.
  • Grasshoppers and locusts are also plentiful.
  • A plague of locusts is destroying the grain-crops.
  • So the western wind of God blew the locusts out to sea.
  • The years that the locusts have eaten are still blotted from him.
  • A swarm of locusts could not have done the work more thoroughly.
  • In 1890 innumerable swarms of locusts descended on the impoverished soil.
  • Arabs attempt to destroy locusts by digging pits into which they may fall.
  • Swarms of locusts were in the country, eating every green thing.
  • A sing-song of bees and locusts and strange insects lulled the mind.
  • Swarms of locusts follow in its train, and complete the work of devastation.
  • Peanut-wagons came out with a long, shrill whine, locusts of the spring.
  • For instance, they regard locusts as a direct visitation from the Almighty.
  • Nothing, he says, could so overrun a country since the locusts in Egypt.
  • I give them Locusts suited to their size, the smallest that I can find.
  • The nomad Arabs eat locusts and wild honey as did John the Baptist.
  • Pi-na-lat' is a food of cooked locusts pounded and mixed with uncooked rice.

How To Use Locusts In A Sentence?

  • They are the locusts that devour it and cause all the evils that are complained of.
  • What plague of locusts can be compared to the destruction that they would cause in the villages?
  • The town was stripped as clean as though a tribe of human locusts had swept through it.
  • No plague of locusts ever came out of the sky with a greater air of the will to destruction.
  • Two tall honey locusts stood like faithful guardians on each side of the porch.
  • Young locusts frequently crowd upon the neighbouring hills in thousands and tens of thousands.
  • At a little distance, a flight of locusts has the appearance of a heavy snow-storm.
  • A swarm of locusts was on the rails, and the wheels of the engine could get no grip.
  • Scientists tell us that crickets, grasshoppers, locusts and the like are fiddlers.
  • The birds twittered, the locusts shrilled, and the tall clock in the entry ticked.
  • These stores are intended for the Roman populace, but the locusts have been beforehand with them.
  • Many of the flesh flies, gnats, ants, palm-tree weevils and locusts are in this category.
  • The Grasshoppers and Locusts prolong their hind-legs into levers to assist them in leaping.
  • Then Grandpa Riley came out and told me it was only the locusts and the tree-toads and the frogs.
  • One visitor there was, however, to the fence and the locusts whom Master Robin did not molest.
  • The locusts for two successive years had devoured every thing before them, and no food was to be had.
  • Almost at the same moment the foxes began to disappear and diminish, and cease to be like locusts in the land.
  • It is most common when the locusts swarm over the country, and the people eat them abundantly for several days.
  • The locusts will bring more harm on thy brother's home than imperial edict or local magistrate.
  • The bullets are as thick as if a swarm of leaden locusts had been routed from the foliage, and taken wing hillward.
  • The locusts did much harm to the harvest, and this plague has devastated the land now for nearly four years.
  • Many families sometimes wander a week or more catching locusts when they come to their vicinity, and cease only when miles from home.
  • The small species of both eat large quantities of insects, such as grasshoppers, locusts and beetles.

Definition of Locusts

plural of locust
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