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  • I had loftily denied the assertion.
  • But to find her stranded thus so loftily was amazing.
  • Thank you," loftily replied the princess.
  • It is true that we often speak without it, and more loftily than it.
  • In weakness, loftily defying wrong, A living flame of lighted chastity.
  • I replied loftily that I really could not do so, as I must return to Paris.
  • One may be too loftily respected--in my case.

How To Use Loftily In A Sentence?

  • These girls constantly spoke loftily of their displeasure at the way things were run.
  • The mother loftily supposed that it was there that Paul learned his good manners.
  • When I had done so, and he had loftily accepted it, I half turned towards the murderer.
  • Basil looked annoyed, but could hardly do other than follow the others from the room, though he loftily declined the invitation to the surgery.
  • Engleberg is loftily and prettily situated in the great mountain region of the Alps, with a population of about two thousand inhabitants.
  • But TAY PAY has genuine little surprise in store; is loftily contemptuous of tramways, doncha.
  • He called the nobles of his principality to arms and bade the fortified towns prepare for siege, while he loftily declared that he would not trouble his father to seek him.
  • This attitude alone might have recommended the religion in some quarters, and would not have seriously embarrassed it in any, supposing it to have been loftily and worthily sustained.
  • Dodo introduced her mother to the strangers; she smiled loftily at the Ashbys, but was very effusive over Mr. Fabian.
  • He had put it loftily enough in talking to his mother; he could get a better position in town than the one he had; could go as clerk to one of the higher officials.

Definition of Loftily

In a lofty manner. | With affectation of grandness.
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