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How To Use Logistics In A Sentence?

  • The assigned objective will be the making of adequate provision for logistics support.
  • It will also include a statement of the salient features of the existing logistics situation.
  • Adequate logistics support, (j) Adequate intelligence and counter-intelligence.
  • They both seem to rejoice at what has come to pass, and do not trouble themselves about the logistics of history.
  • In connection with freedom of action, the commander will also make adequate provision for logistics support.
  • A detailed logistics plan, developed from the foregoing estimate, will assemble the necessary information and assumptions.
  • Another type of subsidiary problem which may call for a separate subsidiary plan relates to logistics (page 162).
  • This comment is applicable not only to battle plans but also to other subsidiary plans such as sortie plans, entrance plans, and logistics plans.
  • Section II will discuss the various possible procedures for affording appropriate logistics support of the various categories.
  • It sets forth the availability of services and supplies, and describes and gives effect to the general plan for the logistics support of the operation.
  • It will then provide for appropriate action as to each type of logistics support, or will state proper tasks for the several subdivisions of the force concerned therewith.
  • A commander will be hampered in maintaining his fighting strength at its maximum unless he has arranged for, and has at his disposal, adequate logistics support.
  • If no strategical changes are involved, there may nevertheless be introduced one or more new tactical or logistics problems, with corresponding changes in the subsequent procedure.
  • It will also include any proper coordinating measures, make provision for the logistics of the training plan, and finally provide for the exercise of command and for supervision over the training.
  • He wishes to solve this problem so completely during the present step that a logistics plan, concurrently executed with his basic plan, will require minimum subsequent attention.
  • If the information and instructions as to logistics are long and detailed, they may be embodied in a separate logistics plan, which is referred to in paragraph 4, and is attached as an annex.

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  • Paragraph 4 is the logistics paragraph.
  • Requirements as to logistics plans are also included.
  • It will state the general plan for logistics support.
  • The solution of logistics problems is further discussed hereafter (page 179).
  • Section IV will deal with selection of the best logistics procedure.

Definition of Logistics

plural of logistic
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