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How To Use Loiter In A Sentence?

  • But pause a while or loiter quietly about, and your presence stimulates him to do his best.
  • The note was so high that one of the pilots began to loiter down from the pilot-house.
  • He did not loiter there; he did not wander up and down like a vagrant, or stand about like a spy.
  • Struck, too, his two friends, not the only two of that kind who loiter about that thoroughfare.
  • Now they might take their ease, now they might loiter in the gardens of the Loire.
  • If I had been content to loiter on the path heretofore, no amount of haste could satisfy me now.
  • Even the brokers who loiter upon Montgomery Street at high noon are not loungers.
  • But wherefore do I loiter here, and thus Retard my marriage by my own delay?
  • In brambly wildernesses; I linger by my shingly bars; I loiter round my cresses.
  • In brambly wildernesses; I linger by my shingly bars; I loiter round my cresses.
  • Lavinia had scornfully repelled the advances of more than one and to loiter would but invite further unwelcome attention.
  • Sometimes he would do nothing for a whole month but loiter around the streets smoking cigars and ogling the village girls.
  • That for all its good luck it was not safe to loiter near the place after dark, if you wished to keep your senses.
  • He knew now that to loiter near the stage entrance had been his real purpose all along, and persistent lying to himself had not prevailed.
  • Of the number discharged a great many loiter about the town for several weeks, unable to find any sort of employment.
  • She hardly cared to go into her conservatories, or to loiter on her lawn, with those hard unfamiliar eyes looking at her.
  • He settled his hat on his head and walked away with a brisk step, like a gentleman who has no time to loiter once his business is done.
  • Her imagination was fastidiously refined: she would not loiter talking by Devorgilla's tomb.
  • Then he realized that a small force of Mohawk scouts would be unlikely to loiter near the stronghold of their foes.
  • Mrs. Goodwin cautioned her not to loiter by the way; it would greatly put her out to miss the train.
  • But the glow fades even as I watch it; and the approach of chilly evening warns me not to loiter on the lonely hillside.
  • Penny was afraid to loiter by the door any longer lest her own voice bring Ralph Fergus to investigate.
  • They sat in the divan as highwaymen loiter on the road, and it was "Your money or your life" to all who made their appearance.
  • He had no time to loiter in the garden, and the story of the conversion of the people of Marqua was left to the quiet Fr.
  • If the few passersby thought it strange that the schoolmistress should care to loiter out of doors on that cold and disagreeable morning, they said nothing about it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Loiter | Loiter Sentence

  • And loiter here to practice it on him!
  • To loiter with these wayside comforters.
  • Why should he loiter longer from his home?
  • I will loiter along the lanes at evening.
  • It is as well not to loiter among this engaging people.
  • She was rather apt to loiter on her way home.
  • Come, loiter not, but lift me.
  • Awhile I loiter with you there, my lord.
  • Surely this was no place to loiter in after the work was fairly accomplished.
  • But we had no time to loiter by the way to indulge our joy.
  • Having made up his mind to do a thing, he did not loiter long on the way.
  • They loiter in L., and stand looking about as for somebody not there.
  • Still, as he did not wish to loiter about Dumfries, he went on leisurely.
  • My father expects me; I can't loiter any longer.
  • Not in such haste: though truly I have no cause To loiter here.

Definition of Loiter

To stand about without any aim or purpose; to stand about idly
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