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  • But Loki was not disturbed.
  • But Loki was not caught napping.
  • So Loki found her alone.
  • But Loki knew the power of flattering words.
  • Then Loki returned to Asgard.
  • How Brock Brought Judgment on Loki 34 6.
  • Then Loki protested that he had nothing to do with so wicked a deed.
  • Heimdall and Loki came face to face, and each slew the other.
  • Thus was Loki caught in his own trap, and dreadful was his punishment.
  • Then Loki put his shoulder to the rock, and pushed with all his might.
  • I wonder if red Loki whispered the tale to some outsider, after all?
  • As the eagle seized on the last piece Loki became angry indeed.
  • The pole adhered to its body, and the hands of Loki to one end of it.
  • Hoder, thinking no evil, went with Loki and did as he was told.
  • The Scandinavian horse-loves of Loki also recur to the memory.
  • None of the Asas had ever before complained about them; and she told Loki so.
  • Again Loki took the meat off the cooking-spits and called Odin to the meal.
  • Once he took Loki with him, Loki, the doer of good and the doer of evil.
  • Thor and Loki in the Giants' City 102 6.
  • How Loki Put the Gods in Danger 13 4.

How To Use Loki In A Sentence?

  • Then he began to dance and caper about, and the goat had to do just what Loki did.
  • Piece after piece he devoured until it looked as if Loki would be left with no meat for his meal.
  • The eagle was not an ordinary bird by any means, as Loki soon found when he begged for mercy.
  • Then Loki pulled the net up out of the water, and grasped the helpless fish in his right hand.
  • Besides, the gods did not know it was the false Loki who hated Baldur, that had struck him down.
  • Seeing this, the coward Loki turned and fled, and Asgard was rid of him forever.
  • At last the rain-god conquered, and forced wicked Loki to give back the necklace to Freyja.
  • Then Loki turned to Frigga, and told her that he himself was the very one who had slain Baldur.
  • Thjasse told Loki that he could not go unless he would promise to bring him the Apples of Idun.
  • The goddess Iduna, whom Loki was to tempt away out of Asgard, was the dearest of them all.
  • It was into his hands that Loki had fallen, and he was not to get away until he had promised to pay roundly for his freedom.
  • On account of its insignificance, the mistletoe was forgotten by the goddess, and of this Loki made an instrument of destruction.
  • But the cunning Loki crept close down between two sharp stones, and lay there quietly while the net passed harmlessly over him.
  • In the Icelandic poem "Lokasenna", Loki taunts her, saying: Silence, Freyja!
  • In the beginning Loki lived happily with the other gods; but Odin cursed him for ever for his wickedness.
  • Idun thought long and anxiously upon the words which Loki had spoken; and, the more she thought, the more she felt troubled.
  • This speech enraged Loki all the more; and he spared not vile words, but heaped abuse without stint upon all the folk before him.
  • And Loki heard, with a look of hate, and stifled his laughter as best he could; for it is not good to laugh at him who holds the hammer.
  • This the crafty one said to flatter Thrym, for Loki well knew the weakness of those who love to be thought greater than they are.
  • No one had seen the missing Idun since the day when Loki had visited her, and none could guess what had become of her.
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