Loneliness In A Sentence

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  • But now his loneliness is gone.
  • And then the loneliness of spirit was so trying!
  • And once more that overwhelming loneliness swept over him.
  • But the shadow of loneliness had not been lifted from him.
  • Her loneliness dropped from her and her face shone.
  • A kind of rage of loneliness possessed her.
  • An immeasurable loneliness settled upon the cliff.
  • But to-night his loneliness oppressed him as never before.
  • He was conscious of a distinct shock of loneliness that she was not there.
  • It was a habit that spoke of loneliness and a mind thinking for itself.
  • To all corners she must needs tell her loneliness and her sorrow.
  • She can't bear to think of your loneliness here.
  • A loneliness as of the end of the world came upon the two wanderers.
  • She wished he could have come, for her loneliness began to be insupportable.
  • Leave my loneliness unbroken!--quit the bust above my door!

How To Use Loneliness In A Sentence?

  • There was something in all this loneliness and wildness strangely pleasing to me.
  • Fifteen years in the colony had not accustomed her to the loneliness of their position.
  • His loneliness in his office and in the performance of his duties is deeply pathetic.
  • We had begun to feel as if there were more safety in towns than in the loneliness of the country.
  • Only loneliness and the courage of those who have given always and never received.
  • I can well remember what a feeling of loneliness and desolation now took possession of me.
  • It was at these times that the old feeling of loneliness came back so overwhelmingly.
  • That magnificent proposition shrivelled to nothing in the black loneliness of that night.
  • The air, moreover, was dark and heavy, which made the loneliness even more oppressive.
  • In the loneliness of the spot there was only one interpretation of their attitude for the waiting man.
  • There is no other portion of the globe in which travel is possible where loneliness can be said to live so thoroughly.
  • It wakened echoes in all those remote fastnesses of her being where loneliness had brooded so long undisturbed.
  • Staring at him desperately, she saw in his eyes a depth of pain and loneliness that made her own for the moment insignificant.
  • All the way back he thought about the picture; it was not until he reached his room that the former loneliness returned.
  • Never, it seemed to him, had the beauty of loneliness appealed to him more strongly than at this hour of dawn.
  • Loneliness was upon her, not loneliness as she had known it before, a groping restlessness, a dissatisfaction.
  • The throbbing of the great, quiet southern stars stirred her only with a sense of helpless loneliness that was all but unendurable.
  • It was from Brookford that the decree had come that had doomed him to a life of loneliness and exile.
  • He was on the alert at once, its hooded shape suggesting secrecy, the surrounding loneliness apt for its design.
  • One day, when his loneliness weighed most heavily upon him, he was sent with a message out to the switch-station.
  • The still loneliness of desertion held fast the clutter of sheds and old stables roofed with dirt and rotting hay.
  • As it was, the loneliness of the place, and the wild stories connected with it, had their effect upon his mind.
  • And as he watched her crossing the street with a quick, alert step, an intense yearning and loneliness came over him.
  • Then as her loneliness increased and she was forced back upon herself she grew to wonder what in her had given the Indian such an opinion.
  • A green and blue loneliness on a June day is really the only place in the world that is big enough for singing!

Definition of Loneliness

A feeling of depression resulting from being alone or from having no companions. | The condition or state of being alone or having no companions. | The state of being unfrequented or devoid of human activity (of a place or time).
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