Longed For In A Sentence

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  • How she had longed for them!
  • He longed for it to be over.
  • How he longed for a light.
  • How we longed for a book!
  • She longed for change.
  • She longed for the evening.
  • I so longed for the power!
  • Who was it longed for life?
  • She longed for her children.
  • She longed for sympathy.
  • Whose coming we have longed for.
  • It was the life he had longed for.
  • That which you have longed for shall be yours.
  • She longed for his companionship.
  • Now with all his heart he longed for a rifle.
  • He longed for the beautiful mother.
  • He met the doom he longed for.
  • She longed for solitude and peace.
  • She had got the chance she had longed for.
  • To be called an artist was what he longed for most.
  • I longed for my hour of release.
  • He longed for an educated congregation.
  • How she longed for the season to end!
  • He had longed for reconciliation and for reassurance.
  • How she longed for the next day!
  • She longed for them both to get older.
  • He longed for something new.
  • How often she had longed for her father!
  • Dolly longed for sympathy in her happiness.
  • The thing she had longed for was within her grasp.
  • That he passionately longed for the chair was manifest.
  • The longed-for moments cloy.
  • How we longed for a change in the uniformity of our diet!
  • I longed for wings to fly away.
  • A hundred nobles longed for her favor.

How To Use Longed For In A Sentence?

  • He longed for it with a burning and intense desire.
  • He longed for a new unit of measure.
  • But that longed-for moment did not come.
  • I longed for a short thick pipe.
  • She longed for action in order to escape her thoughts.
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